A Bubbly Start to 2024: Tomato Wheels Lambrusco Takes on Mexico’s Foodie Scene

2nd February 2024

Tomato Wheels Lambrusco Takes on Mexico's Foodie Scene

I’m Moirae Choquette, the Founder of Tomato Wheels Lambrusco. If you’re unfamiliar, Tomato Wheels is not your run-of-the-mill sparkling red wine. It’s a carefully crafted beverage designed to be sipped chilled—8 days a week. We’ve partnered with a fourth-generation producer in Emilia Rogmana, Italy to bring you the finest Lambrusco. Because if they haven’t perfected it in a century, who has?

Having successfully launched in Canada and quickly scaled nationwide, we’re now turning our attention to our secondary market—Mexico. Why Mexico, you might ask? Despite being familiar with Lambrusco, it has been pigeonholed into a misconception, often associated with a subpar $7 corner-store option. Our mission is simple: reintroduce Tomato Wheels Lambrusco in its true, high-quality form. Catch us soon in upscale restaurants, boutique hotels, resorts, and your preferred liquor stores.

Now, let’s dive into the substance of this blog post—I’ll be chronicling our culinary journey through Mexico. This involves pairing Tomato Wheels Lambrusco with local delights and sharing the outcomes, both successful and where the pairing ended in a faux pas.

After navigating the chaos of the holiday season with my extended family under one roof, I found myself in need of a break from cooking and stepping foot in the kitchen. I was presented with the perfect opportunity while attending meetings in Guadalajara, a city with an acclaimed culinary scene, and checked out a cool spot called Kamilos 333. I took a chilled bottle of Tomato Wheels Lambrusco and I parked up at one of their front tables, and ordered what all the blogs said was a must try “Carne en su Jugo”. This is a meat soup that practically begs for stretchy pants.

Mexican cuisine has always been celebrated for its bold flavors and this truly presented itself in the “Carne en su Jugo” dish. The rich, salty soup, paired with liquified beef fat broth, was an exceptional experience. A sip of Tomato Wheels Lambrusco served as the ideal palate cleanser, leaving me refreshed for the next flavorful bite.

P.S. A nod to any establishment that serves grilled onions on the side—automatic 10/10 in my book!

In essence, Tomato Wheels continues to prove its worth as an ideal companion for spicy, indulgent Mexican dishes. The effervescence and subtle tannins ensure a harmonious balance. I’d definitely do it again.

Ciao for now,

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Moirae Choquette

A prominent Canadian Indigenous entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of Tomato Wheels Lambrusco which launched in Canada in 2022. Currently in Mexico, she and her team are preparing for the launch of Tomato Wheels Lambrusco in their first international market. She will be sharing her culinary escapades and exploring the perfect spicy Mexican dishes that pair seamlessly with their Lambrusco. Find them on Instagram @tomatowheels, visit the website www.tomatowheels.com