A Fun & Fruity Way To Brighten Up Your Glass Of Prosecco

19th December 2019

A Fun & Fruity Way To Brighten Up Your Glass Of Prosecco

Creating a fun and fruitier glass of Prosecco has been made a little easier with Hogg Norton fruit liqueurs, offering 7 flavours that deliver a great taste across the board.

Hogg Norton Fruit Liqueurs are all vegetarian and vegan friendly, also dairy and gluten free, they have 7 flavours to choose from:

Hogg Norton Fruit Liqueurs

Hogg Norton Fruit Liqueurs

  1. Mixed Berries
  2. Raspberry
  3. Blackberry
  4. Gooseberry
  5. Spiced Plum
  6. Strawberry
  7. Sloe
Hogg Norton Fruit Liqueurs

Hogg Norton Fruit Liqueurs

They sell two different bottle sizes, a 50ML bottle for £4 and a 250ML bottle for £18.50.

Hogg Norton was created by Mike and Adrian, they started out making their liqueurs in their storeroom, then moved to their garage and now have a barn which they converted, they started out using demijohns and now use stainless steel vats to create their liqueurs.

I particularly like their packaging, it’s memorable and easy to understand.

Hogg Norton’s vision is, in their words “To produce the finest quality fruit liqueurs from the freshest fruit which gives a great taste one sip at a time.”

But how do they pair with a glass of Sparkling Wine, I’ve got a bottle of Bolllicine Prosecco DOC and I’m going to see if you can make your glass of Prosecco a little fruiter.

Bolllicine Prosecco DOC Tasting Notes

Bolllicine Prosecco DOC Tasting Notes

Bolllicine Prosecco DOC Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Light fruity aromas of green apples and pears.”

Taste – “Smooth, creamy, fruity and slightly sweet on the palate.”

This Prosecco won a Silver Medal in the Light & Fruity Category in The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019.”


Bolllicine Prosecco Cocktail

Bolllicine & Hogg Norton Cocktails

Mixed Berries Liqueur Tasting Notes – “The mixed berries and green fruits create a real fruit party in the mouth.”

Hogg Norton Liqueurs Mixed Berries

Hogg Norton Mixed Berries Liqueur

Raspberry Liqueur Tasting Notes – “A definite sweet fizzy raspberry flavour, this liqueur delivers a summer feel.”

Hogg Norton Liqueurs Raspberry

Hogg Norton Raspberry Liqueur

Blackberry Liqueur Tasting Notes – “A soft fizzy feel with blackberry and green fruit flavours, this liqueur is more subtle and delivers an autumn feel.”

Hogg Norton Liqueurs Blackberry

Hogg Norton Blackberry Liqueur

Gooseberry Liqueur Tasting Notes – “It’s like drinking a fizzy gooseberry, this is the one for you if you like tart fruits.”

Hogg Norton Liqueurs Gooseberry

Hogg Norton Gooseberry Liqueur

Spiced Plum Liqueur Tasting Notes – “The spiced plum has a real Christmassy feel.”

Hogg Norton Liqueurs Spiced Plum

Hogg Norton Spiced Plum Liqueur

Strawberry Liqueur Tasting Notes – “It’s like enjoying a glass of strawberries and cream, this liqueur delivers a typical summer feel.”

Hogg Norton Strawberry Liqueurs

Hogg Norton Strawberry Liqueur

Each of the liqueurs delivers exactly what they say on the bottle, it’s uncanny how close they are to the real fruits.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.