A Glass of Bubbly at Starbucks?

25th February 2015

glass of bubbly starbucks

When one thinks of Starbucks, it’s more for a quick coffee on the way to work rather than a relaxing glass of sparkling wine.

The company wants to change its usual vibe after 4pm with “Starbucks Evenings.” The evening menu will offer a selection of alcohol, including a Prosecco, as well as complimentary food such as cheeses, deserts and snacks (you can still grab a coffee too!).

It is described as a place to go after work for a “more mellow, less hurried atmosphere perfect for winding down and having casual conversations”.

The location in Stansted Airport will be the first to offer the evening menu, but it is planned to be extended to other venues in the UK. The evenings have already proved very popular in the USA and the company hopes for a similar reception in the UK.

So, would you go to a Starbucks for a glass of bubbly or would you prefer a bar or restaurant?


Glass of Bubbly

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