A Mindful Meal with a Sparkling Red!

30th September 2021

Bolney and tuna steak

Coming out of the pandemic, most of us may feel like we’re in need of a break. I certainly do. By a break, I mean just a few days away from whatever is now normal for us. A chance conversation with one of my best friends led to my staying at her place for a few days essentially for some quiet time.

This meant some exploring of the local area which led to a discovery of a gem of a wine shop, Noble Green Wines Here I’d discovered some old favourites in stock as well as stumbled upon a fizz I’ve been meaning to try for a while, Bolney Estate Cuvee Noir Brut 2014.

As is customary when you are fortunate enough to live with great cooks but a few days away means that you may find yourself eating or preparing that which you are unlikely to have at home, but would enjoy.

Tuna Steak Salad

On this occasion, I went with a tuna steak salad – in my head a meaty fish seemed so right with this wine. I don’t remember the last time I had a tuna steak at home and it wouldn’t be something I’d gravitate towards in a restaurant, but I do like it when I have it, albeit rarely.

The same with salads. Something I can go through phases of having loads and then real salad droughts. What was fabulous about this was during a week where I was deliberately slowing down, the meal prep time, albeit negligible was an act of mindfulness. As was its consumption. I can be known to be the first to finish a meal in a group but the nature of what was on the plate allowed me to take my time and really taste and chew.

Pairing: Bolney Estate Cuvee Noir Brut 2014
As anticipated, it did compliment the tuna well. It’s a fizz that almost tastes different with every sip – from a vimto without the added sweetness to an interesting summer aperitif, it should be tried once by everyone!

Author: Rupa Datta – rupa@portfolio-people.com

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