A New Winemaker at Champagne Lanson

15th May 2015

A New Winemaker at Champagne Lanson

Son of a wine-grower, Hervé Dantan has always been strongly drawn to the vine. After a variety of experiences in the most famous wineproducing regions of France, and then California, he returned to the land he holds most dear, so as to devote himself to his passion for Champagne.

Having earned the respect of his peers, he was asked to join the House of Lanson in July 2013 to assist Jean-Paul Gandon, Winemaker of the House since 1986. Sharing their experiences throughout the last two years, Hervé Dantan now carries alone the privileged responsibility of Winemaker.
As a guarantor of a unique style, the Wine-Maker has of course a key role in a Champagne House. Hervé Dantan has the privilege to elaborate the Lanson wines by using new remarkable tools such as a new winery that was inaugurated on the occasion of the 2014 harvest.

“The House of Lanson has been making wines in the original Champagne style since 1760.” Hervé Dantan.

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