A New Winery in Franciacorta: Terre d’Aenòr

3rd August 2023

A New Winery in Franciacorta Terre d’Aenòr

Terre d’Aenor is his name and Eleonora Bianchi (Aenòr is the german root of the name) is the creator of the winery’s vision.

Eleonora was born in 1995 and she has a personal and professional story which is unusual compared to the typical wine careers. In fact, after classical studies at high school, she graduated from law school and during this time she discovered and appreciated wine. Together with her parents, Rosella and Amedeo, she decided to commit herself to this project bearing her name.

The passion for the wine and the Franciacorta arrives from his father Amedeo, that further his official activity as CEO of an important mechanical industry, is passionate in wine and during the past years acquired some vineyard in Franciacorta (50 hectares) selling the grapes harvest to some of the most important winery of Franciacorta.

The project Terre d’Aenòr is the natural conclusion of the dream of Amedeo. The dream to produce a Franciacorta wine able to condensate in a bottle all the entrepreneurship and the passion of the whole family: from the land to the vines, from the grapes up to the final product.

“Wine, for me, is the joy of being together. Loved ones gathered round a table of good food. Here is where the magic happens: a glass, a human connection and a smile all give birth to abiding memories.” Eleonora Bianchi says.

Eleonora and her family identified, just starting from the beginning of the foundation of the winery, the essential values. First, to make a top-quality wine in coherence with the best traditions of Franciacorta. Second, to avoid any compromises, unnatural treatments and shortcuts in the wine making process are forbidden; all to maintain the natural inclination to enhance the natural value of the land.

The wines are realized under the supervision of Ermes Vianelli as winemaker and technical director; he fully adopts the organic philosophy.

The grapes are selected and harvested in the best condition and transferred from the soil to the bottle with as few interventions as possible.

The philosophy of Terre d’Aenor is condensed in the words of Amedeo Bianchi: “We believe in a natural rhythm without haste and in the strength of the land without being exploited. All this results in an excellent organic product. Is it a utopia? No, it’s simply a lifestyle”.

The range of products is in line with the tradition of Franciacorta.

The classic Franciacorta DOCG Brut (90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir), an enjoyable, fresh sparkling wine which can complement everything: from the appetizer to the second course thanks to its fullness and creamy roundness.

The Franciacorta DOCG Satén Ricciolina, a typical Franciacorta’s version with low pressure and produced only with white grapes (100% Chardonnay). Floral and fruity, it is perfect with fish or white meat. The grapes come from the Ricciolina vineyard.

More sapidity and verticality for the Franciacorta DOCG Extra Brut Vintage (80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir) that, thanks to its low quantity of residual sugar, follows the market trend. Green fruits and bakery flavours for this wine that, in any case, maintain the softness and the roundness.

The Franciacorta DOCG Rosé Vintage (95% Pinot Noir, 5% Chardonnay), a fashion wine that mixes fruity flavours with tobacco notes; structured in the mouth, it is able to sustain pairing with complex dishes, both fish and meat.

Finally, the Franciacorta DOCG Demi Sec (90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir), a version not so frequently produced in Franciacorta, only few wineries have this typology of semi-sweet sparkling wine. A harmonious mix between freshness and sweetness, fruity flavours together with pastries. Perfect with any dessert or with fruit salad.

All the wines are organic.


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Paolo Valente

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