A Sparkling Tour on the Rolling Hills of Valdobbiadene

21st February 2019


I visited Valdobbiadene many times and each time I arrive there I am entranced by the 16,000 acres vineyard on those rolling hills that kiss the sky. A sometimes difficult till heroic viticulture with declivity also at 70% of Rive area.

And people proud of their terroir. When I entered the Ciodet wine estate, in the centre of Valdobbiadene, closed to an amazing awarded chocolate shop, the brothers Bortolomiol showed me the book made for the area, saying they are waiting for being entitled Unesco heritage. They do not speak about Prosecco, but about Valdobbiadene DOCG, the real expression of a precise small area in comparison with the big Prosecco one.

From the words of the Bortolomiol brothers, you understand the closed link with their origin, with their family as the strict ones with the terroir. They produce different types of Valdobbiadene and each one has the nickname of the family members: Gelmo, the Extra dry, the Grandfather, all meditation and viticulture; the Brut, Labano, their Father, well balanced, fine at the nose and at the taste with notes of white peach, green apple and flowers; Giosuè, the Extra dry vintage, their Grandfather great worker of the vine, has a good body, good sapidity and freshness, complex nose from flowers to honey and yellow fruits; Bartolo the last one, the oldest parent – 1759, Extra brut vintage aged on the yeasts with a low sugar content, shows fantastic and persistent perlage, it’s fragrant, pleasant and very long in the mouth. Harmoic. A real top sparkling wine which envelope your senses making you drinking again. The great expression of Valdobbiadene DOCG.

All the family is there and we feel at home!

Glass of Bubbly

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