A Suggestion of Five Superior Vintage Champagnes

17th August 2020

Dom Perignon

“Garçon: Champagne s’il-vous-plaît.” That is something you will hear often during the most distinguished evening in Paris, Lyon and Marseille but also in London, Rome and New York. Why? It is very simple, really: nothing equals the prestige of a great bottle of Champagne. It has been part of celebrations around the world for more than a century and a half, and it is bound to remain so in the future. Here are five vintage Champagnes you should look for.

When Buying Champagne, Look for a Connoisseur to Guide You
Buying Champagne should be like buying a dress from a famous designer. It shouldn’t be taken lightly and the process supervised by a specialist. That is why, if you are looking for special vintage Champagne, you should visit a boutique like Millesima. They specialize in the best wine and Champagne from around the world, which are made available through their online e-commerce or at their store in New York City. When you settle for a special vintage from Millesima, you are acquiring a product that was cultivated with passion and also selected with that sentiment in mind. Because drinking Champagne should definitely be in tune with your state of mind.

Dom Perignon 2006
When you pop the cork of a Dom Perignon 2006, you will be amazed by the softness of its bouquet, its purity, its lightness and its bright light golden colour. The nose will discover a pastel, fruity and floral tone, while the palate will enjoy a silky and complex flavour. Another good Dom Perignon Vintage would be the 2010 or similar.

Veuve Clicquot – La Grande Dame 2006
If you are looking for Champagne that is refined yet mouth-filling, La Grande Dame will satisfy your desire. With its intense and complex scent, it will conquer the nose before letting you enjoy the purity and freshness it will bring to your palate.

Krug – La Grande Cuvée 168e édition
This edition is mainly made from the 2012 vintage, one of the best in recent history. It offers mature and well balanced grapes on a blend of Pinot Noir (52%), Chardonnay (35%) and Pinot Meunier (13%), vinified and aged in oak barrels.

Billecart-Salmon – Blanc de Blancs Grand cru
When you bring a flute of this Champagne to your nose, you will discover aromas of warm bread, citrus oil, crisp green apple, white flowers and crushed chalk. And once you let it flow inside your mouth, a core of fruit will satisfy your palate.

Bereche et Fils – “Le Cran” Ludes 1er Cru 2012
The Cran 2012 is a Champagne that is pure, crystalline and of a beautiful vinosity, thanks to a slow fermentation and a breeding of more than 6 years. On the nose, we find notes of apricots, white flowers and chamomile and as the tasting progresses it develops citrus notes and a beautiful mineral touch.

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