A Trip To Champagne Jacquinot

26th August 2020

A Trip To Champagne Jacquinot

Champagne Jacquinot is located just one street off of the famous Avenue de Champagne in Épernay, but that doesn’t mean you lose any charm in the bottle.

The creation of the family estate dates back to the 17th century. In 1947, Pierre Jacquinot and his two sons (Jacques and Jean-Guy) created Champagne Jacquinot et Fils. Jean-Manuel Jacquinot, son of Jean-Guy, has been the oenologist and production manager since 1998 and is now at the head of the company with François Nicolet, Jacques’ son-in-law.

We spent our tasting experience in Jean-Manuel’s cellar-like tasting room as you can see in the Facebook live stream below:

His entire counter was taken up by glasses, which were being filled with the range of Champagne Jacquinot, he even opened one of his older vintages from 1989 to show that Champagne Jacquinot can create some truly marvellous vintages.

Oliver Walkey

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