A visit to Cava Pere Ventura

13th July 2018


We value and respect our land. We respect those, who work to care for it with their own hands. We work according to organic farming criteria.Pere Ventura website

For anyone who wishes to visit a wine region then Cava must be surely somewhere near the top of your wish list thanks to the history the region holds, the fine sparkling wines (Cava) and foods. Though somewhat lesser known that the familiar Champagne and Prosecco wine regions, Cava still holds a tremendous amount of history and offerings to the world of sparkling wine with some of the world’s most famous wine labels in and around the Penedes wine region of Spain located only a few km’s from Barcelona.

What I enjoy most about the sparkling wines from the Cava region are the detailed and deep flavours they offer, if you love refreshing citrus and mineral to pastry and buttery, Cava will come up trumps – Another great thing to take advantage of is that the price of Cava is still very much under what it should be though with the recent Cava de Paraje Calificado being granted then we should start to see some real gems from the region competing, rightly so, with the finest from other traditional method wine regions.” Christopher Walkey


Pere Ventura holds an amazing wealth of fine winemaking traditions and labels with group name being split between three wineries: Pere Ventura, Can Bas & Mervm Priorati. Their wine appellations include the D.O.Cava, D.O.Q. Priorat and the D.O. Penedes. With a history dating back to 1369 and with a total of 328 hectares of vineyards owned by the group, variety is plentiful when you explore the wines they have to offer.

As a wine tourism option for consumers then this place holds a tremendous wine experience from the wonderfully located vineyards to the prestigious properties, fine wine tastings to amazing cellars and one very, very special (though currently reserved for professionals from the trade) underground chapel style tasting room.

I have done some quite amazing wine tastings in some breathtaking locations and I must place Pere Ventura right up there with the very best as the experience of tasting deep down in their cellars within a chapel style room lit by what seemed to be hundreds of candles was truly amazing – An experience that will never leave me.” Christopher Walkey

As with most wine press trips we ended with a tasting – My notes are all below:

Pere Ventura Cava Vintage 2012 – “Bright golden yellow fizz pouts from a neat cut designed bottle. Super aromas that are very tempting including citrus, vanilla, toasty and even tangerine skin. Flavours are rich and elegant with brioche, butter, yellow apples and more. Excellent example of an aged Cava.

Pere Ventura Cava Vintage Rosé 2013 – “Aromas include raspberry, red berry, spices / white pepper. Subtle dry flavours of red berry fruits and minerals.

Pere Ventura Cava Maria del Mar Gran Reserva Brut 2014 – “Rich and elegant. Nose offers near typical aged Champagne aromas including toasty, yellow stone fruits and white pepper. A smooth yet refreshing creamy palate sensation. Its richness and superior quality makes it ideal for fine dining and pairing.

Pere Ventura Cava Tresor Reserva Brut – “A lively nose of citrus, red apples, yeast and toasty hints. Flavours offer floral, pastry, walnut, yellow fruits.

Pere Ventura Cava Tresor Brut Rosé – “Fruity and refreshing. Raspberry, strawberry flavours with a smooth subtle length. Very much more’ish.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.