About us

Christopher Walkey – Founding Director

Co-founder, journalist and author. A passion for Champagne and sparkling wines along with pairing them with foods. A multi award winning marketeer with a string of successful start-up and investment concepts. Now focused on a passion that is Glass of Bubbly and travelling internationally reviewing sparkling wines, pairing menus and venues.

Eve Walkey – Executive Editor

Co-founder and Executive Editor. Management of content on the website and administration executive for The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards and the Glass of Bubbly Show. A recognised and award winning name in business start-ups with a list of accolades received from global business icons.

Marin Berovic – Chairman of Awards

Chairman of The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards. Full time Professor of Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Dept.Chemical, Biochemical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

michael edwards profile image 2019 circle

Michael Edwards – Honorary Judge

Honorary Judge of The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards. A recognised and frequent attendee at many wine tasting events across London and press tours internationally. A respected wine / food writer and journalist who specialises in Champagne, Sparkling Wines, Burgundy Wines and Gastronomy. Michael has also written ‘The Finest Wines of Champagne’.

stefania ruffo profile image

Stefania Ruffo – Writer

After graduating with a degree in chemistry, Stefania decided to continue her love affair with wine by becoming a Sommelier. Now she’d like to share her knowledge and emotions with you by exploring the world of the Italian wines and how it is really a culture that includes many traditions, places, food and people.

Glass of Bubbly has evolved to become one of the biggest names promoting the glorious and ever expanding world of Champagne and sparkling wines. From a simple start up idea via a husband and wife team with big hearts and passion for the subject, we have become one of the busiest names showcasing some of the finest fizz from around the globe, helping to highlight wonderful sparkling wine regions, the diversity of producers and the amazing aromas and flavours each corner of our earth can provide us.

We are all about working closely with the labels who choose to use our services, promoting them at our trade tastings, our awards, across our website, via social media updates and within national press & media.

For Champagne and sparkling wine labels they can take advantage of:

• Annual trade & press tastings and masterclasses in central London.
• Internationally recognised awards with some of the best wine judges globally.
• Dedicated news website with international readers.
• Growing social media channels.
• High value SEO opportunities
• Online sales channels for wines to be sold directly without profit decreasing commissions.

We work with all levels of sparkling wine producers from the smaller growers to the internationally acclaimed, we maintain a fixed economical price for all our services enabling any and all labels to work with us and take advantage of our growing community of bubbly lovers.

Glass of Bubbly was born from an idea and a passion. We held a simple vision in that we wanted to create a brand that enabled all sparkling wines an equal voice and a dedicated platform from which to speak from. Listening to what the industry requires and understanding the ways in which audiences digest information has allowed us to create a unique approach to promoting sparkling wines both online and at our events and guest appearances in the media spotlight / live events. As we always say, we are not the ones who hold the magical knowledge on the world of Champagne and sparkling wine, we are the ones who want to open the door so that more people can embrace and enjoy this delightful and bubbly fuelled sector of wine.” Christopher Walkey, co-founder of Glass of Bubbly

We are not the experts, the wine producers are the ones which should be recognised and highlighted – I am pleased we have built Glass of Bubbly to become that positive channel of communication for them. We are dedicated to promoting sparkling wines from far and wide, there are no boundaries – We are building bridges and channels of communication so that more and more people can discover the amazing world of fizz that has captured so many hearts and admirers over the years.” Eve Walkey, co-founder of Glass of Bubbly