Add Edible Rose Gold Glitter to your Prosecco

5th May 2017


Glam and glitz up your Prosecco for any occasion with an iridescent rose gold shimmer. With a raspberry flavour and heart-shaped flakes of gold simply add half a spoonful of raspberry shimmer popaball for Prosecco available from Lakeland to a glass of Prosecco and watch it fizz and cascade down the flute, leaving behind a lovely swirling, glitter shimmer with a hint of pink and tiny little heart-shaped pieces of gold leaf.

The good news is, it’s suitable for vegans, vegetarians and is gluten free, too – plus it hardly adds any extra calories to your drink.

This innovative culinary creation can also be added to anything with bubbles, so perfect for making a glass of bubbly a bit special!

Photo credit: Lakeland

Glass of Bubbly

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