Adding a Sprinkle of Magic to your Holiday Season

16th December 2022

FREE EDITORIAL & ONLINE USE  © Jeff Moore 28th October 2022 – Fortnum & Mason, the home of Christmas for 315 years, has unveiled its iconic annual festive window display at its Piccadilly store.
With each scene portraying a different Christmas tradition, the intricate windows show Fortnum and Mason’s lovable character ‘Geoffrey’ re-enacting festive acts in the ‘wrong’ way. From sending hampers, making wreaths, decorating baubles and gift-wrapping, to preparing mince pies, laying the table, and making and flaming the Christmas pudding, Geoffrey is here to show passers-by how not to do Christmas – adding some fun and light-heartedness along the way.
Celebrating the joy of festive traditions, merriment and memory making, the eight unique and magical windows have been created to bring a warm, exciting, and playful feeling for both adults and children alike across London.
Customers, Fritha & James share a kiss in Fortnum & Mason’s Mistletoe Photobooth situated in the Atrium, Lower Ground floor.  Offering shoppers a snapshot of Fortnum’s festivities to take home with them, the photobooth will give out free printed images to each person who drops into the photobooth until 3rd January.

If I had to pick a special period throughout the year to write some sentimental lines to the ones I truly care about, it would be, without any doubt, Christmas time.

Maybe this is because of the magical atmosphere that surrounds every place due to the twinkling lights and festive firs embellished with glass baubles. Or because of the waiting for giving gifts affectionately wrapped with red velvet ribbon and playful paper.

Not to mention all the ornaments that adorn our homes: the golden stars, sprigs of holly, white candles and spicy potpourri of cinnamon and vanilla. Altogether, they create a whimsical festive feel for an unforgettable Christmas spirit. I would also add that maybe it is because the days are darker and wintry, and the frosty air invites us to spend more time at home, making us indulge in our thoughts.

Handmade Christmas Cards by Elena Deshmukh


And it is right at this point that we can reconnect to our deepest feelings taking inspiration to write a very touching Christmas card that will accompany the presents to give to our beloved. I simply adore the kind of handmade cards designed with a festive touch, jewelled birds and graceful ballet dancers in vintage colours embellished with accents of fine embroidery. Blank inside just to wait for you to be filled with your faithful message.

At this stage, to fulfill the Christmas tradition of gift-giving and celebrate the happiest time of the year, we just need a bottle of wine to add sparkle to our celebrations and make our friends more courageous in singing the jolly Christmas Carols.

Of course, wine is always an excellent choice, but Champagne, in particular, is a winner at Christmas. Its joyful sound of shimmering bubbles along with its typical aromas of pastry and butter is surely a great companion to kick off our holidays.

Now, to fully guarantee a festive mood: glitzy Christmas decorations! From the simplest ones, like a branch of mistletoe or a pristine snow dome, to the most iconic, like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, it’s undeniable that they add a little kick of playfulness both for kids and adults and lift everyone’s spirits.

And what about shop windows especially decorated for this period?


Christmas Window at Galeries Lafayette in Paris


From New York to London, and from Paris to Milan, the most fashionable and famous stores do their best to bring out a whole range of emotions. Fairy tales, Christmas characters, crackling fireplaces, sleighs, sequins and dazzling lights, all come together on display to enchant us and give us memorable moments.

It’s time! Let’s pop a cheerful bottle of Champagne and have a toast!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Morel Champagne, a family estate run by Simon, who manages the vineyards, Pascal who guarantees excellent production standards and Emilie who adds that feminine touch to the look of the bottles and also manages the commercial and export field.

The family is really focused on respecting the unique terroir of Les Riceys lying in the south of Champagne Côte des Bar and preserving the vineyards in accordance with the sustainability approach. The eight hectares of vines grow at an altitude of about 300m on slopes and are all south/south-east facing. They grow in the clay-limestone soils that are so characteristic of this terroir. 90% of the Morel vineyard is planted with Pinot Noir and the remaining 10% is planted with Chardonnay only.

Here is the magnificent Morel Rosé Champagne produced in accordance with the ‘maceration’ method and aged 36 months on the lees.

Morel Champagne Pur Rosé Brut

Champagne Morel Pur Rosé – Winner of the Trophy in the Summer Days Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

100% Pinot Noir
This wine offers an intense pink deep copper enlightened by a fine mousse.
It opens with red fruit aromas such as cherry and strawberry, embellished by spicy hints and intriguing smoked nuances.
It’s refined and silky on the palate with crispy notes of red fruits once more.
The flavour is full yet fresh, a bit tannic and round on the finish with a fruity flavour which will conquer your palate with a touch of magical sparkle.

To fully embrace the spirit of Christmas I would also suggest adding some fancy decorations to your glassware, either a simple glass or a Champagne flute, opt for tying a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the glass for a more festive appearance and enjoy the happiness that Morel Champagne Rosé will bring to you.

And now: words. I’m sure that taking inspiration from this thoughtful period of the year you’ll find the affecting words to say to the ones you love most. And after having carefully chosen a lovely bespoke handmade card, you’ll be in the right spirit to let your heart lead the way.

It only remains to me to wish you, my dear fizz lover, the most joyful Christmas ever, by offering, from the bottom of my heart, the simplest but most meaningful phrase I know: Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Buon Natale…

With merriness,

Featured Image: Christmas Window at Fortnum & Mason in London

To purchase Champagne Morel: – UK sales – EU and Rest of the World sales


Stefania Ruffo

Wine Educator at Università del Gusto, Wine Writer at Glass of Bubbly. Owner and Founder at Enjoyourwine. Find me on Twitter - @enjoyourwine