Adina Prestige – Spiegelau glassware

3rd June 2014

The right choice for stylish wine connoisseurs, Adina Prestige is one of Spiegelau’s most extravagant ranges: classically elegant with a tulip bowl on a slim, high stem for a beautiful appearance. A deep ‘V’ shape bowl acts as a vortex to prevent the wine from resting at the bottom of the glass, keeping the wine and aromas in motion.

Bild 3393

Adina Prestige: The finest luxury

The glassware has a seamless appearance between bowl and stem as part of its stylish design. With beautiful craftsmanship and elegant design, providing enhanced sensations, Adina Prestige is the perfect addition for the sophisticated lifestyle.

Bild 1836

Adina Prestige Sparkling Wine Glass

Bild 3077Adina Prestige Champagne Flute

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