African Gin Cocktail

15th September 2023

African Gin Cocktail

Procera Blue Dot 2022 Vintage Gin – 44%:

The original release of the series (also Red & Green Dot available) and where the Procera story begins. Inspired by the richness of Juniperus Procera and the quality of fresh African botanicals. Blue Dot is an elegant and refined expression, crafted for sipping and for use in martinis (and Prosecco cocktails!). Boasting an extraordinary depth of flavour, length of finish and breadth of complexity on the palate. Blue Dot abounds with intense juniper, subtle earthy undertones and bright spicy top


Procera Gin Prosecco Cocktail

Procera Gin Prosecco Cocktail


Procera Gin – Blue Dot 2022 Vintage: “Sweet characters on the nose showing green herbs, black pepper, white floral and juniper. Flavours are rich and silky with spicy kick initially and a long lasting expression in the palate – Black pepper, juniper, cooking apple skins, saline, spicy woody and green herbs.

Limoncello: “Lemon icing, lemon pulp aromas with rich and sweet citrus characters in the palate, ever so more’ish.

Masottina Prosecco DOC Brut: “Silky aroma expression of green pears, apple skin, chalk, white rose petals. Relaxing flavours. Not too much sweetness, more crispness of fruity flavours shown. Green pears, white floral, chalky paste edging towards creamy textures.

Cocktail: “Very refreshing and each ingredient expresses themselves in a refreshing burst of flavours. The Prosecco is just at the right sugar levels so to allow the sweet citrus liquor and the spicy notes of the gin to express presence.


Check out Procera and their sustainability efforts: At the core of their effort is the subject of sustainability (we share the same passion!) with their vision to reforest the Kenyan highlands with Procera trees – They are planting one new tree per bottle sold!



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