Air Force One Champagne

27th June 2022

Presidents Plane Pixabay

The President of the United States of America is the highest-ranking official in the world, it is the pinnacle point of power.

The President of the United States (POTUS) also known as the Commander in Chief of the ‘Army and Navy’, the President also becomes the supreme military commander charged with defending and protecting the United States.

The phase Army and Navy are written in the Constitution, but this incorporates all the armed forces of America.

Air Force One is the most secure aircraft in the world, the President could run the country from aboard Air Force One.

The current Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200B Aircraft, with the next model being a 747-800, costing between 3.9 to 5.2 billion dollars with all the upgrades onboard, although known as Air Force One, technical, any aircraft that the President of the United States is on becomes Air Force One.

There are two Air Force One planes, both with a private bedroom in the nose of the plane and bathroom for the President, a private gym, two kitchens that can serve up to 100 meals at once, a conference room, a situation room and can withstand the blast of a Nuclear Bomb.

Air Force One also has its own Doctor onboard with a medical room and can stand up against missile attacks with flares and possible radar jammers along with more secret undisclosed upgrades.

It’s said that it cost the U.S taxpayer 206,337 dollars to operate Air Force One for just one hour, this was when the plane cost 3.2 billion.

What can the President drink on board Air Force One? The answer is basically anything, all they have to ask, right? But is there a resident Champagne onboard?

The answer is, I don’t know, a lot of what’s in and on Air Force One is classified, but I couldn’t find any information about a resident Champagne during my research, what I did find is the following.

The final flight for President Regan and his wife was in 1989 when they flew back to California, and onboard they enjoyed Cake and Champagne with the Crew.

Some half bottles of Champagne that fly onboard Air Force One were auctioned off with the President’s Seal from the term of George W Bush, I tried to find out the price, but the site required a credit card, so all I can give you is the site where the bottle was sold: Worth Point

The Champagne was produced from Korbel Cellars, which isn’t actually from the Champagne region, it’s a Californian Champagne, although frowned upon by French Champagne, is 100% legal, thanks to a 100-year loophole.

If we take a step into the fictional world, to explore one of my favourite films of all time, Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, this film is set aboard Air Force One and features a Champagne, this time French.

In the lowest level of the plane where the escape pod was located, there are a couple of fridges, which if you look closely to the left side contain at least 8 bottles of Champagne Taittinger.

I reached out to Claire Sarazin, the Communication Project Manager at Champagne Taittinger, and asked her if this was a sponsored deal between Taittinger and the film or was it by chance that they used their Champagne?

She wonderfully took the time to find out, checking the database of their 2 movie placement agencies and said ‘This movie is not in the listing. So there is no sponsored deal here.’


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Image Credit: Air Force OnePresidents Plane

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