Aldi Sold Approx 69,000 Bottles of Prosecco a Day in December

9th January 2017


Aldi had a 15% jump in Christmas sales in 2016 thanks to their premium products and Prosecco.

The supermarket sold over 2 million bottles of Prosecco – almost 69,000 bottles a day. Included in that total is 47,918 magnums at £12.99 and 70,726 mini bottles at £2.15 although the majority were bottles at £5.39.

Aldi recently launched its ‘Specially Selected’ range of premium products to compete with higher end stores such as Waitrose and Fortnum & Mason. This range did exceptionally well, with a 27% increase in sales. Aldi said that its busiest days were December 22nd and 23rd.

Aldi has plans to open 70 new stores across the UK this year, with its 700th shop throwing open its doors next month.

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