Alfred Gratien Cuvée Paradis Brut

24th April 2014

Alfred Gratien Cuvée Paradis Brut

Cuvée Paradis Brut

paradis brut

A remarkable cuvée with a delightful colour, exclusively produced from têtes-de-cuvée and grand-cru wines. Grape variety: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A testimony to the great skill of Alfred Gratien’s cellar master.

Clear, shimmering with a golden sparkle

Very fine, extremely long-lasting mousse

A delicate mixture of honey, nuts and subtle hints of white fruits

Vinous and lingering with a fresh finish. Complex aromas of sweet white fruits building up to a gingerbread finale

A Champagne which is both vinous and very fine with a lingering finish

The eternal Champagne

Cuvée Paradis Brut Rosé

paradis brut rose

Light, salmon-pink copper colour

Very fine, very long-lasting mousse

Delicate, slowly unfolding, dominated by the flavour of orange peel, dried fruits and gingerbread

Tingling flavours of orange peel, melding into notes of strawberry and raspberry sorbet

A strong, delicate and harmonious rosé. A foretaste of paradise!

Written by Olivier Dupre

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