Alfred Gratien Millésime 1996 Vintage

24th April 2014

Alfred Gratien Millésime 1996 Vintage

Millésime 1996 Vintage


This is the greatest vintage of the last century. It offers a palate which blends strength, refined flavours and fruity aromas

 Transparent, brilliant, with sparkling golden highlights

 Fine, long-lasting mousse with a creamy finish

An initial burst of fruity, biscuity flavours with notes of almond and nuts, followed by a second nose of red plums and mirabelles

A delightfully fresh initial impression, pure notes of autumn fruits with a hint of mirabelles

A perfect balance of alcohol, sweetness and acid. Bouquet and palate are in perfect harmony. An excellent vintage that will take its place in the history of the centuries.

Written by Olivier Dupre

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