Angelina, new sparkling wine from Grace Vineyard in China

28th August 2015

After six years’ preparation, Grace Vineyard is bringing its new sparkling wine series “Angelina” to the market. It is also the very first vintage sparkling wine using traditional method made by a Chinese boutique winery.

The sparkling wines consist of 3 different non-vintage wines each a 100% single variety of Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc respectively. Each variety has its personalized label on different silhouettes of the little girl, expressing the messages of “joy, hope and pursue”.

Angelina Brut Reserve 2009 Blanc de Blancs is a vintage wine, (100% Chardonnay) this has a limited production. All Angelina bottle back labels have the disgorgement date printed on them.

Founder Mr. C. K. Chan firmly believed “only the clan can make fine wine generation by generation.” His daughter, Judy Chan took over Grace Vineyard in 2002. Judy said “I am obsessed with all kinds of bubbles, 10 years ago I had the idea in my mind to make a beautiful sparkling wine,”

Judy’s message on the back label of each bottle, “there is no joy in life quite like a daughter. In my case, Angelina, my littlest girl came into my life like sunlight. Bright, sparkling and joyful! I named this, our first sparkling wine Angelina because it perfectly captures the joy and love of life that shines in little girls everywhere, but especially in my own sweet girl.”


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