Armand de Brignac release Blanc de Noirs at £695 a bottle

30th September 2015

Armand de Brignac release Blanc de Noirs at £695 a bottle

Always a fine location to visit, Hyatt Regency Churchill Hotel in Portman Square W1 London, which was the tasting venue for the range of Armand de Brignac Champagnes to include the release of the Blanc de Noirs.

Sitting with a host of well respected names in the industry to include Gerard Basset and Roger Jones, we were individually welcomed by the team of Armand de Brignac to include father and son winemakers Jean-Jacques and Alexandre Cattier as well as the brand’s director for Europe and Africa, Gérald Loparco.

Gerard Basset and Roger Jones

Tasting these fine Champagnes is always a great pleasure and listening to the winemakers themselves describing their wines makes the experience even more spectacular. Conversation and questions were full on with much conversation covering the ‘brand‘ of Armand de Brignac and the location they find themselves being associated with celebrity faces and night club scenes.

The brand has taken, what I would say, is a solid hold of that ‘expensive looking Champagne’ that the celebrities choose to be seen with and Gerald Loparco was very much in agreement with that, though it was very clear the brand wants to establish itself more than just a high priced ‘glitzy‘ Champagne label. Awards for their Champagnes they now have received to establish their position with the industry experts so that more venues outside of nightclubs will be serving their bubbly – Have it not only as an evening Champagne, but also a day time Champagne, Gerald Loparco mentioned.

armand de brignac champagne


Certainly a brand that is moving in the right direction and they seem to have many plans in the pipeline to establish themselves even further than the vast international reach they already sell their labels to.

alexandre and jean-jacques cattier

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