Arrogant Frog Sparkling Rosé Wine

18th July 2015

Arrogant Frog Sparkling Rosé Wine

The humble winemaker, Jean-Claude Mas, shows here that with creativity, know-how and a sense of humor, one can make Southern French wines shine around the world and give pure pleasure, at a reasonable price! The Arrogant Frog cuvées are Château Arrogant Frog, Arrogant Frog reserve, as well as single varietal or blends.

The Arrogant Frog Sparkling rosé is made from Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault grape varieties. It’s a dry sparkling wine sourced from France’s best wine-growing regions. Jean-Claude Mas put all his savoir-faire and experience in producing the finest bubbles and the most appealing colour to please your palate.

Made by the Charmat method, the wine has delicate salmon colour and bubbles. The bouquet is dominated by flavours of red currant and raspberry. In the mouth, it is velvety and fruity.

Great paired with pasta, beef or lamb, and with mature, hard cheese.


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