Arunda Brut Nature – Gastronomy Silver – Sea Bass, Lemon & Herbs

15th July 2021

Arunda Brut Nature and Sea Bass

You will find Arunda (Sektkellerei) Winery far up in the northern part of Italy within the wine growing region of Trentino-Alto Adige region and what’s more, this fine sparkling wine producer is acknowledged as being the Highest in Europe (1,200m).

The 1,200 meters of altitude of Meltina were ideal for the refining of sparkling wines… Furthermore, the natural temperature variations of this altitude could allow a natural and peaceful maturation of our wines.

Vineyards of Northern Italy Trento Region

Vineyards of Northern Italy Trento Region


Having visited the Trento wine region of Italy I can fully appreciate this unique wine growing region that produces for me the closest rival in aged traditional method sparkling wines to Champagne. The influence of the terroir, mostly the Alpine freshness and almost certainly the altitude, gives the vineyards and wine growers amazing harvests and the opportunity to develop amazing aromas and flavours.

Sea Bass with lemon and herbs

You can always rely on fish dishes to pair well with sparkling wines from Charmat methods such as Prosecco to traditional method of Champagne. From fresh fish of sushi style to those grilled, from fish salads to those cooked in cream sauces, each variation of cooking presentation calls out for a sparkling wine to accompany it at the table.

One easy to prepare at home recipe for Sea Bass and a relatively popular way to enjoy this fish is with lemon and herbs pan cooked in olive oil. This light and refreshing dish enhances the savoury flesh flavours especially if you included small pieces of shredded lemon peel.

Best Sparkling Wine to pair with Sea Bass

For me, a white sparkling wine and ideally one fairly dry in style (less sugars) and more crisp and refreshing over anything too complex. A white floral style, light citrus with good minerals expressed and medium to high levels of acidity.

Arunda Zero Brut Nature Sparkling Wine

Arunda Zero Brut Nature Sparkling Wine


Arunda ‘Zero’ Brut NatureTasting Notes: “An Alpine fresh aroma of citrus, minerals, white floral, pastry. Dried peach slices, white blossom at the close. A pleasing flavour delights the palate with many memories and experiences coming alive. Soft white fruits, touch of white pepper, white floral, citrus and minerals. Excellence balance of flavours and a well deserved, possibly underrated, Silver Medal Winner at the 2020 Glass of Bubbly Awards in the category of ‘Gastronomic’.

Sea Bass Lemon Herbs Potatoe Lentils Carrots

Sea Bass Lemon Herbs Potatoe Lentils Carrots


Sea Bass with Lemon and Herbs paired with Arunda ‘Zero/ Brut Nature Sparkling Wine:

Christopher Walkey pairing notes: “A citrus, herbal expression when paired, mellows to tender savoury flavours from the Sea Bass and a soft citrus expression at the close. The fish was cooked in olive oil, all greasy texture is removed via the Arunda Brut Nature. A harmonious pairing that worked exceptionally well in my view.

Oliver Walkey pairing notes: “The dish and wine come together to help each other’s shyness, with a salty sweetness that feels from the sea and the earth, you don’t lose any flavours, they are just modified to allow different ones to shine alongside.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.