Aspro a New Rosé Sangiovese Sparkling Wine

20th February 2019


A street boarded of trees brings visitors to the wonderful old villa, Palazzona di Maggio, which gives the name to the wine estate in Ozzano Emilia, province of Bologna in the middle of Emilia Romagna, northern Italy.

Antonella and Alberto Perdisa are the typical Emilian people, smiling and ready to offer you something to drink and eat letting you feel at home immediately. Behind the Villa walking some steps further you can see a wonderful show of nature: a gorgeous vineyard kissing the sky.

Alberto explains that the soil is different from one side to the other and it means different characteristics of the grape and consequently of the wine. Mainly Sangiovese grape, but also Merlot, Cabernet and a part of Chardonnay.

And after a consolidated experience in still wine, especially Sangiovese Romagna DOC « Maleto » and the top Reserve Sangiovese « Le Armi », this year the Perdisa family launched the new “Aspro”, a pale rosè Sangiovese sparkling wine obtained from a early harvest of Sangiovese grapes, softly pressed leaving the skin few hours with the must, and then making a second fermentation in tank (Martinotti method).

A beautiful light rosè colour, a nice persistent perlage, raspberry and red fruit at the nose, the taste is fresh and well balanced, round in the mouth. We tasted it with a typical « piadina » a kind of thin bread filled with cheese and Parma ham and some fried fish. Perfect! The body and bubbles of the sparkling « Aspro » matches well with the food and cleaned our mouth perfectly. I imagine it as aperitive, with a stick full of strawberries in it. In a region where the bubbles are usually Lambrusco or Pignoletto, a new blush light appeared!

Glass of Bubbly

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