Atlas Japan Cocktail

24th April 2023

Atlas Japan Sparkling Sake Cocktail Glass of Bubbly

When travelling the world, Japan is one of the countries that’s on a lot of people’s must-visit list, a beautiful, magnificent and wholesome country with so much to explore, from the Osaka Castle, Fushimi Inari Taisha and Sensō-ji, to the Tokyo Tower, Kyoto and Mount Fuji.

With an almost endless history to unearth and an advancing future to tap into, the country will appeal to everyone in one way or another, so while in Japan, make sure you taste some of the delicacies and try some of the Sparkling Sake, Japan’s national Sparkling, but instead of being made from Grapes, it’s made from Rice.

This Cocktail incorporates some of the fascinating flavours from Japan using Sparkling Sake and Atlas Shichimi Gin to create the Atlas Japan Cocktail.

The Sparkling Sake – Yauemon Shu Awa

Crafted using the traditional Champagne method (second fermentation in the bottle), Pearl is made from rice grown on the brewery’s own farm and polished to 45% making this a Junmai Daiginjo – the highest class of sake.

Pearl is also lightly cloudy and makes quite an impression when opened: the bubbles rise and gently mix the sake, turning it from clear to cloudy!

Yamatogawa Shuzoten brewery was founded in 1790 in Kitakata, Fukushima. The region is blessed with optimal sake brewing conditions of excellent quality, soft meltwater from the Lide mountain range and cold winters.

You can pair Sake with a variety of different food/dishes, this Pearl Sake is recommended to pair well with cream cheese, oysters, truffle honey, smoked salmon, avocado and fruit salads. Available at the Wasabi Company England.

Yauemon Shu Awa – Pearl – Sparkling Junmai Daiginjo – Tasting Notes 

Aroma – “Sweet candied rice, candy pear drops, ripe green pears, white pears, bruised green apples, apple blossom, wonderful freshly boiled sushi rice, with a sweet zestiness on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Soft, delicate expression of ripe green pears, white pears, bruised red apples, pear drops, pear blossom, peach and freshly cooked sushi rice, a great delicate expression.”

The Gin – Atlas

Founded by Paul Martin in Lincolnshire, the Atlas Gin story begins in Edinburgh, right after Paul discovered his passion for Gin, becoming fascinated with the flavours and how adding the perfect mixer added life and depth to the botanicals within a good gin

When Paul travelled back home to Lincolnshire, he got started on crafting his own blend of Gins, exploring new ideas and experimenting with unique botanicals, he took inspiration from the flavours of the world, then infusing only the finest botanicals for 24 hours, so that the flavours can be fully released. Their gin is one shot distilled in a copper still, to ensure that it’s smoother on the palate and to ensure nothing impairs the flavour profile.

It’s not the quickest or easiest way to make gin – but it’s the way they like to do things, after all, it’s an adventure!

Atlas – Shichimi Gin – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Green tea, nori seaweed, sushi, juniper and sesame seeds on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Nori seaweed, sesame seeds, sushi expression, floral notes with spices from across the globe, ginger, pepper with hints of zesty citrus, in this very well-balanced Gin.”

What Was The Inspiration Behind This Gin? A gin for those with adventurous tastes, our Shichimi gin is inspired by the traditional Japanese seven-spice blend, which has been at the heart of many Japanese dishes since around the 17th century.

How Did You Feel When Your First Gin Was Officially Released?

“Exhausted, it is hard work, every day is hard work, but I love it. I was nervous as well, being new to the industry and not knowing if what I had produced was good enough. 12 months on and having won 9 awards I know what I produce is good enough!”

“All my recipes are based on research, lots of research. The recipes are traditional to the country of origin and I try to capture that in my gins, the only difference being the juniper.” – Paul Martin – Brand Owner and Creative Director of Atlas Gin

 Cocktail – Atlas Japan


  • Sparkling Sake
  • Atlas Gin
  • Ginger Syrup (Optional)
  • Sea Salt (Optional)

How To Make The Atlas Japan Cocktail

  • 15mls of Gin
  • 75mls of Sparkling Sake
  • 5mls of Ginger Syrup (Optional)
  • A Twist of Sea Salt (Optional)

Atlas Japan Cocktail Tasting Notes 

Aroma – “Nori sheets, seaweed, sushi sheets, once you remove the nori sheet, its presence still remains but allows you to experience ripe green pear flesh, pear drops, pear blossom, and more green fruity goodness.”

Flavour – “Pear drops, very ripe green pear skin, white pears, bruised apples, pear blossom, peppery essence, ground ginger, sushi rice and more on the palate.”


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Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.