Australia’s Growing Love Affair with Champagne

15th March 2016

Australia's Growing Love Affair with Champagne

Australia is the 6th largest market in the world when it comes to importing French bubbles. Australians enjoyed more than 8 million bottles of Champagne last year, the biggest increase in any single year in history, more than 1.5 million bottles (24%) up on 2014. This makes Australia the fastest growing of Champagne’s top ten markets.

The UK remains Champagne’s biggest export market, with over 34.1 million bottles. That represents a 4.52% increase, while imports into the US, the second biggest market, grew by 7.09% to over 20.5 million bottles. Germany (11.9m), Japan (11.7m) and Belgium (9.2m) make up Champagne’s top five export markets.


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