Bernard Barbuk

Pop Goes the Cocktail

By Bernard Barbuk / 7th March 2017

Sparkling look good and taste good But they’re clever too. If Classic Champagne cocktails are all about the taste of Champagne itself, then sparkling cocktails are all about everything else that’s in the recipe: spirit(s) liqueurs, juices, sometimes bitters. In sparkling cocktails the bubbly not only turns the mix into a long drink with the…

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Relearning the Classic Champagne Cocktail

By Bernard Barbuk / 2nd March 2017

The classic Champagne Cocktail develops in the glass. You don’t, to quote Harry Craddock, ‘drink it quickly while it’s still laughing at you’ like other cocktails. You sip it slowly because the nuances change from first to last. But then the classic Champagne Cocktail isn’t a mere topping-up with expensive bubbles, but a cocktail whose…

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