Avant-Garde Fizz with Domaines Paul Mas

2nd June 2017


Today’s world of bubbles is filled with wines that have become commonplace. Are we stuck in a Champagne, Prosecco, Lambrusco rut? Domaines Paul Mas has been leading innovation and driving the rise in quality of Languedoc-Roussillon wines since 2017. 4th generation grape grower and 1st generation vintner, owner Jean-Claude Mas’ rich resume led him away from the vineyards, from top end schools to the motorsports business, before re-centering on his origins and beginning to learn about wine making. This diverse background has enriched his winemaking and business style, allowing him to create a unique style for his wines: Old World wines with New World Attitude.

In 2011, the family owned business purchased Domaine Martinolles, based in Limoux, birthplace of the traditional method of producing sparkling wine. Jean-Claude Mas has since applied his passion for wine to this exceptional terroir that produces moreish sparkling wines. Besides the traditional Crémants and Blanquettes de Limoux that Domaines Paul Mas produces, Jean-Claude permanently seeks to be on the cutting edge of wine and leave his mark. Escaping from the traditional constraints of appellation wines, Jean-Claude was drawn to the flexibility of Vins de France, which enables to create high calibre and surprising wines.

“Tradition has to reinvent itself, or one day, wine will belong in a museum.” Living by this philosophy, Jean Claude has added two fascinating wines to the range: Ferrandière Pinot Gris Frisante and Côté Mas Picpoul Chardonnay Frisante.

The Ferrandière Pinot Gris Frisante and Côté Mas Picpoul Chardonnay Frisante are both produced using the Charmat method, with a second fermentation in sealed tanks. The bubbles of the Picpoul Chardonnay are produced by adding sugar and natural yeasts, before fermenting for 4 weeks. Jean-Claude created this wine “because I was jealous of the hills of Conegliano”.

The Pinot Gris Frisante, the latest Domaines Paul Mas innovation, rests on its lees for 2 months, before further ageing of three months in tanks. The wine is bottled with CO2 levels of around 3g/l, which lends to its “frisante” character. The inspiration for its creation? “The full moonrise over the étang de Thau”.

Coté Mas Picpoul Frisante is a bright and limpid yellow wine, with fine and numerous bubbles. The nose of intense fruits and white flowers hints to the perfect harmony between the Picpoul and Chardonnay on the palate, with a fresh and intense ending.

Pair with: Any fresh and fruity dessert, like the Côté Mas strawberry tartlets or exotic fruit pannacotta.

Ferrandière Pinot Gris Frisante has a colour reminiscent of rose petals, filled with vibrancy and gloss. Aromas of pink grapefruit, red currants and a hint of white peach give way to a mouth that is moreish, balanced and fruity, and a round body coupled with a crisp freshness.

Pair with: Fresh summer salads, chicken Cesar salads, Caprese, Greek salad, mozzarella.


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