Bar Amigos® Champagne Pressure Stopper

28th July 2014

Bar Amigos® Champagne Pressure Stopper
  • Preserve The Fun – The Bar Amigos Champagne Pressure Stopper patented pump system preserves the taste and favour of your favourite bottle of sparkling wine. You no longer have to pour that expensive bottle of bubbly down the sink. Simple to use and easy to store


  • We are different the other stoppers and bungs on the market as our stopper pumps air into the bottle which will give you far better results. The lock in pressure pump system is designed to keep the champagnes bubbles inside to preserve the taste. Only the Bar Amigos Pressure Stopper has this patented technology and quality finish.


  • Includes Innovative date reminder switch so you won’t forget when you saved your wine. Simply place the stopper on the bottle and close the metal wing locks to secure. This stopper is designed to fit most Champagne and sparkling wine bottles.

Shared by Clive Betteridge

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