Barefoot Winery of Napa Valley

15th August 2023

Barefoot Winery

I was getting into a doldrums finding American sparkling wines that peak my interest seeking the criteria of offering well made wines and delivering pleasure, with novel packaging. A tall order to request from any winery, much less discovered at a huge production facility in a region known for boutique wineries and prestigious wines.

I look at the world of wine in an encompassing view, there are many ways to create wines from a range of terroirs. Some viticulturalists may prefer raising grapevines grown from conventional techniques using fertilizers, mold sprays, and chemical weed killers while others may embrace organic or biodynamic methods that eschew those conventional techniques. I do not shame or condone either choice made, merely judge how well or poorly the resulting grapevines fruit are made into wine.

As the years pass my recollection of brilliant grape growers and winemakers in American lore resurface capturing my attention. Which brings us to the 21st century where modern marketing responds to contemporary tastes, and the winemakers who make the complex demands by the consumer seem so effortless. The barefoot winemaker Ms. Jennifer Wall, the lady who has helped propel consumer friendly wines to market since 1995. Working closely with the Barefoot design and marketing teams, together they have tapped into contemporary branding, and honest consumer-priced bottles. You can’t just slap lipstick on a pig to see bottle sales, the wines must be delicious to meet the winemakers goals.

The Barefoot Winery directors and General Manager say this about their winemaker: “Meet Jennifer Wall—the native Californian and mother of three who’s been making Barefoot wines more delicious for over 25 years. With her boundless curiosity, creativity and good vibes, Jen has racked up more than 10,000 medals and countless accolades for her easy-to-enjoy wines. Loved by Barefooters around the globe, Jen is one of our most passionate voices for the charitable causes we love.” The company is determined about the charitable causes that affect us all, not merely politically active causes. The LGBT is one of the charitable commitments determined to helping others, first.

My first exposure to the Barefoot brand was via the man Davis Bynum who was promoting his wineries on a national tour in 1987. The Davis Bynum winery was his prestige Sonoma property with the Barefoot label although located in Napa Valley did not take itself so seriously. Affordable wines made in an easy to drink style was his mission statement. the contemporary Barefoot label has kept to this philosophy. Originally a portfolio of a White Zinfandel Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon when I first tried in the 1980’s. I thought these were fresh devoid of excesses of sweetness or overwrought oak barreling, so commonly found in the mid-eighties California wines.

What Jennifer has achieved with their Barefoot Sweet sparkling Moscato: “Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Spumante is a sweet sparkling wine that blossoms with floral aromas. A twist of tangerine underscores notes of sweet apricot and juicy peach for a thoroughly refreshing, aromatic bubblegum.”, and the California Rose Spritzer honoring June Pride Month is nothing short of a sensation. But kudos to Barefoot for innovative sparkling wine in cans. This wine is a Rose Wine Spritzer “California Style”, light & refreshing with a pleasant balanced fruity bitterness Italian aperitivos are famous.

My personal favorite way to enjoy a Barefoot cocktail Rose Wine Spritzer on a summer day:

  • 50 ml Aperol
  • 150 ml Barefoot Rose Wine Spritzer in individual cans
  • 25 ml soda water
  • Slice of Orange garnish
  • Serve in a large wine glass, ¼ filled with ice.

The cocktail drink is deliciously bittering with floral citrus aromas.

Combined, Barefoot still and sparkling wines have received more than 10,000 competition wine medals, and the Pinot Grigio is currently America’s best selling white wine. Those are facts you can drink, and affordably take to the bank!


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Peter Birmingham

Restaurant General Manager, Corporate Beverage Director, & Hospitality Consultant, with these qualities he represents a Triple Threat: a culinary tableside historian, an accomplished wine taster with the casual ability to make flavor relationships and beverage quality value accessible.