Bartender Made Cocktails – Amber Royale

4th September 2023

Bartender Made Cocktails Amber Royale

The Cocktail that you are about to make is one of Abiatar-Aurelian Cosma‘s Signature Fizz Cocktails, which he makes in the Maldives.

Let’s Meet The Bartender!

“My name is Abiatar-Aurelian Cosma but I go by Abi.– Abiatar-Aurelian Cosma

What’s Your Favourite Cocktail?

“Now my favourite cocktail is somewhere between a Daquiry chased by a shot of whiskey or an old fashioned.” – Abiatar-Aurelian Cosma

What Inspired You To Make Your Amber Royale Cocktail?

“The inspiration behind it was a blend between poinsettia and kir royale, closer to a poinsettia than the kir royale, I wanted to make something that was light and vibrant but you can still have it at different settings, not just on a terrace or having oysters, stuff like that, so something that’s easy to pair with multiple dishes.” – Abiatar-Aurelian Cosma

The Recipe for Amber Royale

Ingredients For The Amber Royale

  • Nori Infused Kina
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Kumquat Liquor
  • Thrown With Toasted Colombian Coffe
  • Topped With Billecart Champagne
  • And Some Cedra Extract To Bring Up The Balance. At Home, You Can Use Lime Juice

How To Make The Amber Royale Cocktail

  • 5ml Cedra Extract/Lime Juice
  • 10ml Kumquat Liquor
  • 10ml Nori Infused Kina
  • 20ml Cranberry Juice
  • Thrown With Lightly Toasted Colombian Coffe (Any Coffe Beans Will Do)
  • Topped With Billecart Brut
  • Nick & Nora Glassware, Coupette Works As Well

Images belong to Abiatar-Aurelian Cosma. Glass of Bubbly was granted permission to use them.

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