Bartender Made Cocktails – Fraise Bubble

9th October 2023

Bartender Made Cocktails Fraise Bubble

The Cocktail that you are about to make is one of Archak Biswas‘s Signature Fizz Cocktails, which he makes in his home country of India.

Let’s Meet The Bartender!

“I am Archak Biswas. My favourite cocktail is whisky sour. Bartending, for me, is a symphony of flavors and a canvas for creativity. I’ve always been drawn to the magic of transforming simple ingredients into unforgettable cocktails. It’s the joy of crafting a perfectly balanced concoction, the thrill of experimenting with new flavors, and the satisfaction of seeing patrons savor the result of my craft that fuels my passion. Bartending isn’t just about serving drinks; it’s about crafting experiences, forging connections, and bringing a touch of delight to people’s lives, one cocktail at a time. It’s the art of simplicity, where a few ingredients can create a world of flavors, and that’s what makes this profession my true calling.– Archak Biswas

What Inspired You To Make Your Fraise Bubble Cocktail?

“The story behind Fraise Bubble – Creating a cocktail is often a journey inspired by a blend of flavors, memories, and a touch of creativity. The strawberry, gin, citrus cordial and sparkling wine concoction I crafted was born out of a desire to capture the essence of summer in a glass. The inspiration came from childhood summers spent picking fresh strawberries in my grandmother’s garden, a cherished memory that evokes a sense of nostalgia. With a hint of homemade citrus cordial, added an aromatic and fiery twist to the cocktail, and when a splash of sparkling wine being added that a perfect glass in this summer. – Archak Biswas

The Recipe for the Fraise Bubble Cocktail

Ingredients For The Fraise Bubble Cocktail

  • London Dry Gin
  • Strawberry Purée
  • Citrus Cordial
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Strawberry

How To Make The Fraise Bubble Cocktail

Method – Add all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake and pour in a wine glass and top up with sparkling wine

  • London Dry Gin 30 ml
  • Strawberry Purée 20 ml
  • Citrus Cordial 10ml
  • Top up with Sparkling Wine
  • Garnish – Strawberry

Images belong to Archak Biswas. Glass of Bubbly was granted permission to use them.

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