Bartender Made Cocktails – Pink Love Fizz

12th December 2022

Bartender Made Cocktails - Pink Love Fizz

This article is made in collaboration with Aleksa Mitrović, an amazing Bartender in Serbia.

The Cocktail that you are about to make is one of Aleksa Mitrović’s Signature Fizz Cocktails, which he makes at Nacionalna Klasa Kopaonik in Serbia.

Let’s Meet The Bartender!

“So, my name is Aleksa Mitrović, I come from a small place in Serbia. My love for cocktails started from a young age, I was first introduced to bartending when I was 16 and I fell in love ever since. I always try to put 110% into my work and I can see through the happiness of my customers that I’m doing the right job. My favourite cocktail would be a twist to a great classic cocktail and it is the Jägermeister Old Fashioned.”Aleksa Mitrović

What was the inspiration behind Pink Love Fizz?

“I got the inspiration for this cocktail from weddings I’ve worked on this summer, I wanted to combine the loving elements from that with the summer vibes and freshness from the beach where I work. And I think I made a great drink to go with that.”

The Recipe For Pink Love Fizz


  • Blueberries
  • Aperitif Rosato
  • Violet liquor
  • Prosecco

How To Make The Pink Love Fizz Cocktail

  • Start with 20mls of Aperitif Rosato
  • 15mls of Violet liquor
  • Then top up with your Favourite Prosecco
  • And Drop in 4-6 Blueberries to Finish


Images belong to Aleksa Mitrović. Glass of Bubbly was granted permission to use them.

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