Belaire Luxe Blanc de Blancs

18th August 2016

Belaire Luxe Blanc de Blancs

Luc Belaire have unveiled Belaire Luxe, an authentic French Blanc de Blancs made exclusively from Chardonnay.

Produced in Burgundy, France, Belaire Luxe is blended with a special liqueur de dosage made from Chardonnay aged for six months in the region’s oak casks.  It offers subtle sweetness as well as crisp, refreshing, fruity flavours of grapefruit, peach and apricot.  It also features tastes of honeysuckle and brioche and fine, persistent effervescence.

Belaire Luxe comes in an elegant snow white-painted bottle, detailed with an opulent gold silkscreened label and gold foil trimmings on its neck and capsule.  It contains 40g/l sugar, making it a demi-sec, and it can be enjoyed as an apéritif or digestif, before or after a meal, on its own, or over ice with fresh fruit.  It pairs particularly well with desserts, cheeses and light and heavy entrées from seafood to grilled meats.

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