Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut ~ Franciacorta

16th June 2014

Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut ~ Franciacorta

Alma is an “affectionate” term for the land that produces wonders. It’s a cuvée that symbolises our tradition, inspired by the pure essence of harmony.

We hope that in terms of quality and type this Cuvée might represent the most mysterious soul of the Land of Franciacorta, as well as the wine-making style of our winery. To achieve this, we have put the utmost care and attention in to every step of the production process, favouring a craftsman’s method which is now almost forgotten and choosing as our only guide nature itself and its amazing biodiversity.

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The grapes used are: 80% Chardonnay, 19% Pinot nero, 1% Pinot bianco

The mousse is white, lively and decidedly persistent. The perlage is fine and continuous, with abundant head. The colour is bright and yellow with marked greenish tinges. The bouquet is broad and enticing, embracing nuances of sweet ripe fruit (Decana pears) along with subtle hints of chlorophyll and vanilla.

The flavour matches the nose, and the aftertaste is tangy and satisfying. Its depth and remarkable harmony blend into its outstanding elegance. Its vibrant character is sustained without the least compromise by a freshness that preserves its persistence.

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Bellavista Alma Cuvée brut matures in our cellars for at least 4 years from the time of the grape harvest

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