Belstar Prosecco

11th April 2016

Belstar Prosecco

Belstar Prosecco is owned by Bisol, wine producers in Valdobbiadene for five centuries.

The Bisol family is in the heart of the Prosecco and Cartizze production zone – the prestigious Cartizze hills.

Bisol’s vineyards total 177 hectares spread out over 35 plots immersed in the steep hills that lead from Valdobbiadene towards Conegliano. The land is extremely fragmented and studded with small plots, so much so that the average size of each property is little more than a hectare. 

The first thing you might notice about Belstar Proseccos is the irresistible bottles, but what’s inside is even better.

Belstar Prosecco

Belstar is the of a vineyard on the threshold of the historical production area of Prosecco. It was right there in the immaculate hills with unparalleled landscapes, that the sovereign grape variety of Northern Veneto found its niche, a place to express its natural elegance.

Belstar Brut 

The elegant flavour and fruity and floral bouquet is the essence of Belstar Prosecco, echoing the beauty of being immersed in the mellow Venetian hills, an unparalleled taste, an original experience and above all, a unique Belstar.


Belstar Cuvée Rosé

This  elegant  fusion  of  Merlot,  Pinot  Nero  and  Sauvignon is the fruit of a selection of vineyards groomed with this wine in mind. The congenial blend of the three grape varieties culminates in an elegant cuvée rosé that harks back to the good old days of ‘Bel Star’ a term meaning a good place to stay in the local dialect, typical of the 1950’s.


Belstar Cult 

The Bisol method, with its refined technique and respect for typicity, endows this Prosecco with longevity whilst maintaining its elegance and authenticity. The very name of this sparkling wine testifies to the fact that Prosecco is indeed a Lifestyle Symbol of international success, a ‘cult’ object for true connoisseurs. Cult also brings to mind ‘cultus’ and ‘the culture of cultivation’. Proof is in the delicate flavour and the richness of the floral, fruity aromas of this Prosecco.

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