Berry Champagne Popsicles, The Ultimate End of Summer Treat

5th September 2017


With summer winding down, there is still time to squeeze in a backyard dinner party. To get people in the mood for fun, a light-hearted Champagne popsicle is a perfect treat to welcome your guests with on a hot day.

Not only are they delicious push pops of Champagne flavoured ice, they contain alcohol and look very classy at any dinner party.

How to Make Berry Champagne Popsicles


  1. Fill half of the popsicle up with Champagne.
  2. Layer each with a variety of berries.
  3. Cover top of popsicle mould with foil.
  4. Create a hole in the centre of each to insert popsicle stick
  5. Put into the freezer and chill for 2-4 hours



  • 6-ounce container of raspberries and strawberries
  • Bottle Champagne (Prosecco or other sparkling wine)

These popsicles can also be made with Prosecco or even rosé sparkling wine. And could also be used as a refreshment in between courses like the idea of Champagne sorbets.

Non-alcoholic Champagne Popsicles


Should children be invited, it wouldn’t be fair to refuse them a nice cold popsicle full of fruit. Instead, non-alcoholic Champagne cocktails are a great alternative.

Berry Champagne Popsicles, The Ultimate End of Summer Treat written by Rita


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