Best Champagne Lounges in Vegas

13th April 2023

Moet Marquise Fizz

If you have a refined palate and sense of taste, you most likely love the fizzing bubbles and sweet undertones of good Champagne. And even if you’re not that refined and would rather just have a good beer, there is always a time and place for Champagne. Something about the popular celebratory drink makes it glide down your throat and make you feel pleasant.

Few things can make a decent bottle of Champagne even better than what it already is. One of the things that can make a significant difference is the setting you’re enjoying it in. One scenario is sitting on a beach terrace with the sun sinking below the golden horizon. Perched comfortably in a cozy seat at an incredible Champagne lounge while calming music serenades you in the background is another.
Thankfully, if you’re visiting Vegas or live in the area, the latter is a scenario you don’t need to miss out on thanks to the numerous spectacular Champagne lounges in the city.

The Chandelier

Situated inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in the heart of the Vegas Strip is one of the most unique and breathtaking lounges you’ll likely ever visit. The Chandelier is, by its admission, where art, life, and magic collide.

The lounge is spread across three levels, each providing a new view of the incredible architecture and design. No matter where you go within the lounge, you’ll find draped curtains shimmering with beads and fairy lights.

However, the magic of the thousands of lights isn’t all the lounge has to offer. The mystical location also provides a selection of tempting cocktails and Champagnes. Amongst these is one of the lounge’s signatures—the Champagne Socialist. The slogan for the drink is something that every bubbly lover can appreciate: “Save water. Drink Champagne.”

Skyfall Lounge

On the 64th floor of the famous Delano Las Vegas is a place that will make you forget stress even exists. Bathed in ambient lighting and adorned with the perfect furniture and fittings, Skyfall Lounge lets you feel like you’ve escaped the hectic world below.

The lounge offers irresistible views of Vegas and, at night, a memorable show of all the twinkling lights in the city. But it is not only the view that makes this lounge worth a visit.

There is also a carefully crafted menu of food pairings developed by chef Alain Ducasse alongside the lounge’s specialist bartenders. As with anything, no menu would be complete without incredible Champagne—and Skyfall Lounge certainly doesn’t fail to deliver.


Since 1966, Champagne’s has been one of the most popular destinations for anyone looking to unwind, enjoy a good drink, and catch up with friends. The dark interior that makes you feel cozy and welcome is just one of the reasons for this.

The lounge is also home to some incredible drinks and Champagnes—as anyone would guess simply by looking at the lounge’s name. However, drinking isn’t the only thing on offer.
Aside from the video poker games to try your luck at, there are numerous event nights and special evenings. Amongst these are nights with DJ appearances and even karaoke nights that let you make yourself heard as you enjoy the evening out.


The iconic Waldorf Astoria, in the center of Sin City’s famous strip of casinos, is where you will find the Skybar. And thanks to its location on the 23rd floor, it is also where you will find unforgettable views of Las Vegas as you relax and unwind.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass that allows you to fully embrace the city outside, the lounge is home to modern décor that screams comfort and sophistication. Adding to this is the incredible menu of light meals, uniquely crafted cocktails, and Champagne.

Importing almost all of its Champagne from France, the lounge lets you wet your whistle with some of the finest bubblies around. The mesmerizing location enhances the delicious nectar and will make your time out one that will be hard to forget.

The Shag Room

If you’re looking for an intimate setting that lets you enjoy the naughty and nice things in life, the Shag Room is the location for you. Located inside the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas, the lounge caters to a wide range of guests and hosts numerous entertainment offerings.

From an open mic night to scheduled performances by musicians that will serenade you, the lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere. There is, however, always the feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air, thanks to the carefully crafted décor and the sexy vibe the lounge creates.

While you may not get much to eat unless you visit during one of the lounge’s famous “Upside Down Tea Parties,” there is plenty to enjoy in terms of refreshment. The best of these are found in the selection of tantalizing Champagnes offered.

Petrossian Bar

Directly across from the front desk of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in the US, you will find the Petrossian Bar. Styled to take you back to olden-day England, the lounge is one of the best places to take your mind off the everyday business of life.

With a grand piano taking center stage, the lounge has seven skilled pianists that rotate and fill the location with the most symphonious backdrop imaginable. These sounds elevate the lounge’s afternoon tea special that features classic English tea and delectable desserts.
The real star of this lounge, however, is the drinks menu. In addition to featuring specialty cocktails and various other drinks, the menu’s highlight is the incredible Champagne options available. These, alongside some of the best caviar in the city, will make your visit one to remember.


While Vegas may offer plenty of places with memorable experiences, thrills, lucky wins (hopefully), and adventures, the above spots make all these seem irrelevant to Champagne lovers. These venues take sipping bubbly and chillaxing to the next level.

Be sure to play responsibly, casinon utan licens.

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