Best Cocktails from Literature Classics

28th August 2019


Cocktails, one of the most amusing drinks when it comes to alcohol, are something that people prefer drinking. But how to interrelate such opposite topics, as cocktails and literature classics? As a matter of fact, literature classics has dozens of pieces, where cocktails were the essential attributes of the narrative. So, if you have ever wanted to try a cocktail delivered all the way from your favorite book, you are on the right page. As revealed by real experts from essay writing service titled Essay Shark, dozens of literary pieces contain data regarding cocktail making and various alcoholic beverages. In that sense, read on to get acquainted with our uniquely compiled best cocktails derived straightly from literature classics.

Scotch and Soda

Here comes one of the most fascinating and widely known cocktails ever created. Has anyone ever considered that scotch and soda was originated by Salinger in his The Catcher in the Rye? Holden Caulfield invented this cocktail in the hall of Manhattan’s Edmont Hotel, where he was ordering one in the Lavender Room. Because of that, scotch and soda, two mixtures seemingly unmixable, have become a single entity, which still fascinates thousands of cocktail lovers across the globe.

The irony of the situation that arises when Holden orders scotch and soda and asked not to mix them was absolutely hilarious. Yet, the situation seemed to become even more amusing when the drink has become a widespread item on the bar menus. So, it isn’t a big of a surprise to tell that scotch and soda has become a classic cocktail only because of Salinger’s Caulfield and his intentions to show-off in front of the bartender.

Singapore Sling

Although most people probably preferred to watch the film version of the infamous Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the book written by Thompson is a real hit. Speaking of cocktails, one might easily refer to the so-called Singapore Sling after reading the book. Within Thompson’s narrative, this cocktail was invented nearly a century ago but managed to dominate America’s tastes and preferences for alcohol.
The infamous quotes over the whole galaxy of uppers, downers, laughers, and screamers wouldn’t even exist without the mighty Singapore Sling. The funny fact is that some Californian-based venues try to recreate the infamous Singapore Sling by using special ingredients, such as rye whiskey, Heering Cherry, unique liquors, lemon, and pineapple juice. Although this particular cocktail isn’t widely available in the bars all around the world, Singapore Sling is something that you should obligatory try regardless of the circumstances.

Wine Spodiodi

Wine Spodiodi became popular mostly because of Kerouac and his widely recognized On the road. Within the narrative of Kerouac’s masterpiece, Wine Spodiodi emerged from combining a short of port wine, a shot of whiskey, and a shot of port wine. Keeping in mind its sandwich-model, you should definitely taste Wine Spodiodi to understand its vibrant taste characteristics.

Another crucial point of this specific cocktail is that it was frequently changing during the Depression Era since it was crafted by mixing herbs, spices, and even moonshine. Keeping this in mind, you should also know that Wine Spodiodi is also associated as a drink of individuals who advocate for peace, freedom, and self-expression. So, Wine Spodiodi, a truly groundbreaking cocktail in conceptual and figurative senses, should be tasted at least once since its literary history is worthy of attention.

Beer Milkshake

Beer Milkshake, originally invented before the actual literary piece, is mentioned in the narrative of Steinbeck titled Cannery Row. Doc, the character from Steinbeck’s piece, instructs the waitress on how to nail a superb Beer Milkshake. According to his words, the cocktail should be cooked by adding milk and half a bottle of beer, whereas the other half is served in a glass.

The important notion is that Beer Milkshake is served without any sugar, making it purely a bad-ass mix of two unmixable ingredients. Nowadays, even contemporary venues serve Beer Milkshake by constantly upgrading the recipe. Now, some bars add either Blue Moon or even Jameson, accompanied by fresh milk and beer stouts. Yet, don’t associate beer milkshake with milk stout since these two alcohol beverages are different!

Gin and Tonic

Here comes one of the most groundbreaking cocktails ever mixed, even outside the field of the literary classics. Philip Larkin’s Collected Poems popularized this cocktail to broad audiences, eventually making it one of the most popular cocktails. Larkin actually depicts the process of crafting Gin and Tonic in a step-by-step guide in his Collected Poems.

Gin and Tonic is now becoming more widespread since it dropped “and,” eventually becoming perfectly suitable for all categories of drinkers. Now, bars offer a wide range of gins and even a decent variability of tonics. Others even try adding lime instead of lemon to re-invent the classic Gin and Tonic, as depicted in Larkin’s poems.

Final Remarks

So, the aforementioned cocktails are one of the most outstanding alcohol beverages, especially since they are derived from literary classics. The world wouldn’t be that perfect without the amusing Gin and Tonic or Scotch and Soda. Since all of them were either mentioned or even invented through the course of the literary narratives, their role should be properly emphasized.

So, you might even pair these cocktails with the respective books and enjoy a fascinating mix of literature and infamous alcoholic beverages. If you’re missing the details of the recipes, just be sure to read the primary sources, which are the infamous masterpieces of the literary classics.

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