Best Drinks for a Summer Night In

24th July 2023

Charles Heidsieck Champagne

Nothing quite triggers an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) like the sound of a popping cork. When the bark of the cork oak tree builds pressure between itself and the bubbly booze below before finally being pulled from the glass bottle, it symbolises excitement and joy and is often linked to the winter holidays.

There’s no denying that Champagne and sparkling wine is a perfect refreshment for a festive Christmas celebration, and nothing works greater in unison than a popped cork as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, celebrations aren’t restricted to the end of the year, and we shouldn’t be conservative by reserving fizzy beverages for wintertime festivities.

From Prosecco and Cava to Champagne, there is a plethora of sparkling wines that effortlessly complement a summer night in, a day by the pool, a garden picnic, or a family barbeque. With an endless variety hailing from countless regions, you will want the perfect note, flavour, and aroma to support the event or occasion.

To select an idealistic sparkling wine, we first consider the flavour (of course). Do you look for hints of citrus, cream, sweet, or fruit in your wine? Perhaps a yeast or nutty-based wine is for you. Once you’ve decided on the flavour profile, consider the occasion. Naturally, for a picnic in the garden or a patio lunch, lighter wines are recommended, while heavier wines work well alongside evening barbeques and backyard dinners.

With that said, we’ve searched high and low to provide a list of the most sought-after sparkling wines for summertime occasions at home.

The Best Summertime Champagne

Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve

Price range: £40-50

Those enjoying seafood starters such as scallops, shrimp, and oysters should look no further than Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve as their bubbly companion. Hints of tropical fruit, green apple, and marzipan work excellently with fish dishes, and if you’re looking to add a smidgen of class to your evening, this pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier fits the bill.

Pairs well with: Seafood

Gosset Grand Reserve Champagne

Price range: £40-45

Experience in winemaking doesn’t get much better than Gosset, who’s been in the business since 1584.

Cheese and champers, anyone? Contrary to popular belief, still white and reds aren’t the lone wines that can elevate a summer night in with a cheese board. The citrus-based aroma in Gosset Grand Reserve Champagne works with clear-cut bubbles that slice through richer flavours in various kinds of cheese.

Pairs well with: Cheese & rich foods

The Best Summertime Cava

Anna de Codorniu Blanc de Blancs Reserva Case

Price range: £20-25

A 70% chardonnay mixed with Macabeo, earel-lo, and parellada grapes combine to provide a low-budget sparkle for cava enthusiasts with a wild side. Summer nights with a glass of bubbly can play out in multiple facets, whether it’s a quiet romantic dinner, a family get-together, a major sporting event with friends, or even a casino-like experience in the comfort of your home through an online gambling experience.

As pay-by-phone casinos are a popular option for players on the go, the award-winning Anna Blanc de Blanc Reserva is a popular option for thrill seekers willing to break the rules. In the 1600s, it was an edgy character in Anna de Codorniu, who married into the Ravento family of winemakers and heavily assisted in carrying the Codorniu name to what it is today.

This sparkling wine isn’t a fan of set rules and notably became the first cava to use chardonnay. Peace and red apple flavours with an iota of lemon work great for a standalone drink, with food, or even for cocktails.

Pairs well with: Thrill seekers

The Best Summertime Prosecco

Mionetto Orange Label Prosecco

Price range: £11-£15

Cocktails and summer nights work together flawlessly like Torvill and Dean. But who doesn’t love to add a bit of sparkle to their cocktail? The United Kingdom has a close connection with fruity fizz, as Aperol spritz and mimosas are some of the nation’s favourites that continue on an uptrend. So, having the perfect prosecco on hand to whip up a fizz-based cocktail is a must.

Combining Mionetto Orange Label Prosecco for a side shot with a Pornstar Martini or as a top-up with fruit mixers and liqueurs in cocktails is viable, as this diverse crisp and dry sparkling sipper doesn’t present overpowering acidity levels. The pear, lemon, and apple hints are subtle, thus allowing other flavours to join the party.

Pairs well with: Cocktails

The Best Summertime Sparkling Wine

Martini Asti Spumante

Price range: £8.50

Strawberries in the summertime don’t need to be consumed after spending thousands of pounds to attend Wimbledon’s tennis competition. British summertime is peak strawberry season, and if you prefer to leave the cream and sugar out of the equation, Martini Asti Spumante is the most underrated tag team partner for your sweet and juicy berries.

Champagne and strawberries are a go-to, but the gulp of acid just isn’t a sweet enough compliment. In-step, Martini Spumante, a Moscato wine of Asti that is widely available and extremely cheap. It delivers a delicate floral taste with minimal sourness and acid, and with or without strawberries, it is the perfect sparkling wine for those with a sweet tooth. You’ll stumble across people who aren’t fans of wine whatsoever (crazy, I know) but can still enjoy a glass of Asti Spumante.

Pairs well with: Strawberries & sweet tooths

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