The Best Places to Enjoy Champagne with Great Scenery & Great People

15th May 2017


Enjoying a fine glass of chilled Champagne might be an exquisite choice for how to spend your evening. But the environment and company in which you spend your time are just as important as the Champagne you savor. That being said, we bring you the best locations in which you can enjoy a luxurious brand of Champagne served in the best conditions. It is worth mentioning that locations such as the ones in the United States might require you to have a visa as well. Luckily there are quick solutions today like a Visa USA ESTA application on, so those that really want the best Champagne serving experience can get it would have been the case many years ago.


Monaco is one of the lavish capitals of the world. Home to high-class events such as a F1 race named after it, Monaco is also known for the kind of luxury it puts on display for its very select crowd. This makes it a great spot for sipping your favorite Champagne in one of the many spots across Monaco with amazing scenery and all the accommodation you would ever need. There’s nothing quite like it.

New York

New York is the city of dreams, the place they that if you make it, you can make it anywhere. It’s also an excellent place to enjoy your favorite Champagne in the company of your friends. Where other locations contribute with natural beauty, New York boasts with the accomplishments of man and provides an amazing panorama view of the skyscraper-filled skyline. It is often the case that those who want to enjoy a great night out do it on the rooftop of one of New York’s tall buildings. Many of them are also home to exquisite dining establishments which combine fine dining with the unique view of the city which is even more fascinating at night when it lights up.


Miami is another great place in the US where you can enjoy a glass of Champagne the way it was supposed to be. It has a completely different vibe than New York, which is more of the concrete masterpiece of society. Miami, on the other hand, inspires relaxation as its ocean-side views and great weather makes it an excellent choice. Miami has a well established reputation as a city that loves to party and yacht parlays in the moonlight at right at home here (we all know that Will Smith music video).

You can enjoy a glass of the finest Champagne at home, in the kitchen, alone. It would probably still taste pretty good, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as if it were served in the right place and the right company.

Glass of Bubbly

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