Best Wine and Food Pairings for Corporate Events

4th October 2019

Cremant and Food Pairing

Any event is a chance for people to gather together and relax. Part of relaxing at any event is having food and drink on hand that everyone can love. Wine is one the world’s most ancient beverages. For centuries, people have been sipping vintages and appreciate the wonderful flavors therein. Those who are planning any kind of corporate event should pay close attention to the food and drink they’re going to offer guests. The use of carefully thought out catering along with the right kind of wines can lead to hours of enjoyment at any party. You need not be an expert to get it right for your guests. A few simple rules allow you everything to flow with ease and delight at any corporate event.

The Appetizers

When people first arrive, any party thrower wants them to feel instantly welcomed. Working with Flavours Catering can get that event off the ground. Having a lot of little bites that people can eat encourages conversation. Look for items that can be carried about with ease. For example, a slice of lightly toasted bruschetta can be paired with many different toppings. Take your cue from local, in-season ingredients like vegetables that are at their freshest right now. A series of slices with toppings ranging from sliced tomatoes to gently fried bacon means a chance for your guests to savor varied flavors before the party starts. This is the time to pass around glasses of lighter wines such as a Prosecco or sparkling wine.

Main Courses

People are looking for heartier flavors when it comes to your main course. You’ll want to give them lots of filling options. Grilled poultry is one way to add that heft without being too caloric. Pair the main course with complementary vegetables and other sides. Smashed white and sweet potatoes are an ideal option for people who appreciate well-chosen carbs. Give your vegetarian guests something they can enjoy with a risotto or a pasta dish. Red wines are a good choice for meat. Use white wines or sparkling wines for a main course if you are serving fish.

A Sweet Ending

All meals need just a little something sweet to send people on their merry way and bring the event to a marvelous close. You’ll want to bring out lots of different choices so everyone can find something they like. Ripe fruit is a nice idea for those who want something that lighter. Add in a few flavors of ice cream for a summer event. If you are planning an event during the colder months consider a dessert that reflects the temperatures outside. A series of cakes topped with deep, rich chocolate is one that will give guests that very special touch. Think about this as a celebration for people at your event. Bring in glasses of some sparkling Champagne and port. Guests can toast to the success of the event and to enjoying each other’s company at the party.

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