Biancavigna Prosecco

8th April 2014

Biancavigna Prosecco

From the Venoto region of Italy which is undoubtedly producing some excellent wines and made from 100% Glera grapes, see the Prosecco from Biancavigna.

Prosecco Frizzante NV


Brilliant straw yellow with hints of lime green and a fine mousse. Delicious aromas of white stone fruit and golden apple with lively acidity and a delicate fizz.

Prosecco Spumante Brut NV

bianca prosecco

Straw yellow with pale green tinges. On the nose, ripe stone fruit abound with nuances of peach and blossom. Creamy in texture with a fine mousse and refreshing acidity. Round and fleshy fruit with a lovely finish.

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