Bicycle Thief Champagne Bar, Canada

16th September 2015

Bicycle Thief Champagne Bar, Canada

The Bicycle Thief exudes a relaxed feeling in an atmosphere that blends Old School style with New School attitude.

Drop by for lunch or supper, or pull up a chair to our wicked wine bar for a fantastic glass from our titanic selection. The Bicycle Thief offers North American food with an Italian soul.

We open the Champagne Bar anytime the weather is nice…and sometimes even when it’s not! Our guests just love to sit outside, and what better way than to be sipping great bubbles by the sea?

We have a variety of Champagne, Franciacorta and sparkling wine to choose from by the glass or bottle. It’s become a very lively social meeting spot, right at The Piazza at Bishop’s Landing, right on the edge of the Halifax Waterfront, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Glass of Bubbly

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