Bisol: Demand for Prosecco will reach a Billion Bottles

18th December 2015

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Almost 500 years of history and 21 generations play testimony to the passion of the Bisol family for the world of wine (the first documents that play witness to the liaison between Bisol and the vineyard date back to 1542.

It is not by chance that throughout his career Gianluca Bisol, President of the ‘Maison’ and now known all over simply as Mister Prosecco, has always favoured the type of message that would call attention to Prosecco’s homeland rather than simply promoting a single company. These convictions led him to state, back in 2006, that by 2020 Prosecco would have become the world’s best selling sparkling wine. A statement that generated astonishment and perplexity in the media and amongst those working in the sector.

“As a matter of fact I was too cautious – comments Gianluca Bisol – considering that we have reached this result years ahead of my forecast. So now, based on my experiences and knowledge of the international markets (this year alone I have visited more the twenty countries) I am going to raise the bar and state that within the next 15 years the world demand for Prosecco will be round about a billion bottles and therefore we will have to mobilise all our resources in order to satisfy the request”.

Pioneers as they have always been, Bisol are already laying down the ground roots to enable us to reach this ambitious objective.

“Currently there are about 28 thousand hectares turned over to the production of Prosecco” he explains “ so if we decide to meet the market demand we will have to reach a threshold of 60 thousand hectares in the near future. All this without lowering the quality standards but instead allowing its continuous growth above all in the areas most suitable to the production of Prosecco, that is to say the hills of Valdobbiadene. Bordeaux is a role model for this with about 60 thousand hectares and a quality output layering system that manages to cover all the requirements of the varying types of customer”.

Gianluca Bisol, President of Bisol, along with his brother Desiderio Bisol, Enologist and technical director, taken by Mattia Mionetto.

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