Bisol Presents the Private Collection

8th April 2016

Bisol Presents the Private Collection

Bisol has chosen Vinitaly 2016 to present their Private Collection. After more than half a century of research a selection has come to life that bears witness to the original expressions of the Glera grape variety: Relio, Garnei, Cartizze and noSO.

“On this journey, I wanted to exalt the peculiarities of the Glera grape variety. Through constant research and careful attention for our land, I have managed to select four extraordinary solutions that reveal Glera’s incredible nuances in a place where the vineyards are still worked by hand for over 1000 hours per hectare per year” – explains the oenologist Desiderio Bisol.

“We have gathered together the excellence of Prosecco Superiore in one collection. This selection encompasses the passion and tenacity that has led us, through decades of research, to create unique sparkling wines that have won a plethora of awards in the world’s major competitions and which we now export to 69 countries” affirms Gianluca Bisol, Bisol’s President and CEO.

A pure and transparent treasure trove that elevates the perception of Prosecco confirming the tenacity and passion of “working by hand” with a constant search for the perfect berry in the vineyard and the centuries of experience of the Bisol family. The authentic soul of each piece is guaranteed by an antique twine binding carried out by the clever hands of the craftsmen that seal each bottle.


Private Garnei – Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG
The name of this Prosecco derives from the local dialect meaning “grape berries” and expresses the extraordinary richness and geological variety that the entire territory of Valdobbiadene has to offer. The fruit of carefully selecting the best grape berries by hand during the harvest.

Private Cartizze – Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG
The fruit of half a century of research, it comes to life after several months ageing in the bottle. An elegant sparkling wine, evolved, persistent and particularly long lasting. In-the-bottle refermentation is the most interesting method for exalting the peculiarities of Cartizze.
Private Relio – Re-fermentation in the bottle Sparkling Extra Brut
Dedicated to Aurelio Bisol who was esteemed and loved for his larger than life character, devoting his entire life to the vine. Over 25 years of research brought about the desired result of a complex balance between the bread crust fragrances resulting from the evolution in the bottle and the savoury yet balanced flavour.

Private noSO – Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG
This sparkling wine, created without added sulphites, is tailor made to the needs of our more sensitive consumers. Specifically, the noSO2 method requires delicate pressing, does not use sulphites or other allergens and is fermented with low sulphite producing yeasts during the first and second fermentation cycles.

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