From Bisol Two Extreme Expressions of Italy’s most Precious Vineyard, Cartizze

21st December 2017


Bisol is offering wine lovers two versions, from the traditional to the innovative, with which to toast this year’s festivities: Cru Cartizze and Private Cartizze. Two profoundly different interpretations which perfectly express the uniqueness of the Cartizze hill, as Gianluca Bisol, President of Bisol winemakers since 1542, puts it “The perfect combination between the microclimate of the mountain foothills and ancient land formed of marine sandstone, endows the grapes with precious and incomparable aromatic characteristics.”

Cru Cartizze, a sparkling wine loved for its fine perlage and its elegant and fresh smoothness and Private Cartizze an extra brut sparkling wine with secondary in-the-bottle fermentation; both in limited editions they have received important international recognition.

Bisol directly cultivate the plot located on the summit of the Cartizze hill, the world’s most expensive bubble making vineyard and a perfect example of the passion for heroic viticulture that Bisol have been handing down through 21 generations since 1542.

DOCG Extra Brut 2013

An elegant, evolved and persistent sparkling wine which is particularly long lasting. In-the-bottle fermentation is the most interesting method for exalting the peculiarities of Cartizze. It is a great wine to be appreciated during meals where it releases its elegant and infinite personality on the palate.


DOCG Dry 2016
Martinotti Method

The straw yellow colour with flashes of light ranging from pastels to golden shades gives an interesting hint of
intensity and creaminess. Its effect on the nose is characterised by complex fresh aromas that remind one of the fleshy white fruit of apples and pears, citrus fruit, the intensity of peach and apricot and the flowery fragrance of the rose with a pleasant aftertaste of almonds. It is perfect at any moment during the day and matches excellently with traditional Xmas cakes and sweets.

Glass of Bubbly

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