Blind Tasting – Can You Taste The Difference?

3rd May 2022

Blind Tasting Can You Taste THe Difference

Can you tell the difference between the flavours of Champagne compared to Prosecco? What about between Cava and Prosecco, Champagne and German Sparkling Wine or Cava and Champagne?

There are certain flavours and aromas you can look out for if you are tasting blind, but if you’re just interested in the different experiences between each bottle, keep reading, you’ll find the aromas & flavours to expect.

What Flavours Can You Expect?

I’ve compiled a list of the Aromas and Flavours you’ll find in a glass of Champagne, Prosecco, Cava & German Sparkling Wine, this list will help you further understand what you’ll taste in Sparkling Wine and identify what characters you prefer.

Champagne – Aromas & Flavours:

Burnt Toast
Yellow Fruits
Yellow Stone Fruits
Green Fruits
Burnt Oak
Zesty – Lemon or Lime

Prosecco – Aromas & Flavours:

Green Fruits
Yellow Fruits
Yellow Stone Fruits
Apples – Red or Green
Tropical Fruits
Blossom – Yellow or White
Zesty – Lemon or Lime

Cava – Aromas & Flavours:

Green Apples
Green Fruits
Zesty – Lemon or Lime
Red Berries
Summer Berry Fruits
Citrus – Lemon or Lime

German Sparkling Wine – Aromas & Flavours:

Green Fruits
Freshly Cut Grass
Creamy & Oily Fruit Texture

Tasting Blind

For this test to see if we can taste the difference we had a member of the Glass of Bubbly team pick out a bottle of Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and German Sparkling Wine, then covered them all in black socks, served us each a glass, with us trying not to look at the bottle, as some wineries have exclusive and recognisable bottle designs, we then proceed to taste what was in our glass and determine what was in our glass.

Oliver Predictions After Tasting

  • German (Switched To Cava after the final glass)
  • Prosecco
  • Champagne
  • German

Christopher Predictions After Tasting

  • Cava
  • Prosecco
  • Champagne
  • German

Were We Right?

Yes, we were, for me personally the Cava at the beginning made me question whether it was the German Sparkling Wine, the Cava displayed real quality of flavours which put it above the standard expected flavours of a Cava, but once the German Sparkling Wine came out at the end, I could taste the characters were from the Riesling grape, which Germany is famous for using.

Tasting Notes

Champagne – Champagne Royal Riviera

Oliver – “It’s a perfect example of a Champagne, like walking into a French patisserie where freshly baked Pan au Chocolats have just been baked, combined with green fruits, green citrus and floral notes on the aroma. Pastry, nutty, green fruits and green citrus flavours.”

Christopher – “It holds all the typical Champagne aromas and flavours with a delightful creamy edge. Apricot, citrus, butter croissant / brioche on the nose. Good fresh acidity, peach and apricot, soft sweet citrus, yellow floral and brioche.”

Gold Medal Winner in the Creamy Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Prosecco – Villa Sandi – Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut Il Fresco

Oliver – “The Classic aromas of a Prosecco, green fruits, yellow fruits and floral notes on the aroma. Creamy and ripe green fruits, hints of freshly picked garden herbs on the palate.”

Christopher – “Chalky pear and green apple aromas with white floral. Plenty of fresh fruity flavours. The joy of #Prosecco! Yellow apple, green pear flesh, floral, citrus and more.”

Gold Medal Winner in the Light & Fruity Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Cava – Cavas Naveran – Brut Nature Vintage

Oliver – “Ripe creamy fruits, floral notes, peach, hint of pastry on the aroma. Sweet spice, floral and blossom, combined with ripe yellow stone fruits on the palate.”

Christopher – “Creamy green fruits, peach, and floral on aromas. Green stone fruits, touch of herbs and spices, petroleum, citrus flavours.”

Silver Medal Winner in the Gastronomic Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

German – Motzenbacker – Kalkstein Riesling Brut

Oliver – “Toasty, green fruits, pastry, petroleum aromas. Crisp green fruits, oaky and toasty and minerals on the palate.”

Christopher – “Golden, olive oil colouring. Tiny bubbles. Golden / green fruits, oily sweet petroleum, green grass aromas. Oily style, green fruits, intensive character. Lime, tropical, citrus, apricot and more.”

Gold Medal Winner in the Oaky & Toasty Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021


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