Book Review: Champagne ‘The Future Uncorked’

1st March 2023

Champagne The Future Uncorked

I first saw this book in question whilst I spent a leisurely afternoon back in 2018 with renowned Champagne connoisseur Michael Edwards as we enjoyed a bottle of 2010 Deutz Blanc de Blancs (a previous winner of The World’s Finest Trophy). Though a Champagne author himself, Michael was keen to let me know of a recent publication by a fellow writer and friend, Gert Crum and from the shelf was pulled this monster of a book entitled Champagne ‘The Future Uncorked’.

This is far from a pocket book companion, it’s a sizeable and weighty reference guide of nearly 500 pages – It takes you on an exploration that enlightens those new to / wanting to learn about Champagne and rekindles / confirms memories for those of us with knowledge and experiences under our belts. Accompanied by great photography, artistry and maps, Gert steers you on a leisurely journey of Champagne delights from the moment you start to turn the pages.

The world of Champagne is opening up and allowing for deeper exploration and understanding, it’s much more than just Moët & Chandon and Veuve Cliquot – There are many avenues to explore and Gert Crum takes you down many in his book Champagne, ‘The Future Uncorked’.Christopher Walkey

Like within a fine Champagne, chapters blend together nicely allowing for a relaxing read over any harsh fact detailing. From the history to the present and all that’s in between, Champagne ‘The Future Uncorked’ is an ideal companion for any Champagne lover. A total of 80 producers are looked at in some detail enlightening us to the many splendid labels there are out there to be enjoyed.

“Gert Crum is a renowned journalist in the Netherlands and abroad and an international authority when it comes to Burgundy and Champagne. He is an Officier de L’Ordre du Mérite Agricole of the République Française.”

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Champagne reference books


For information it is packed to the rafters with everything needed to guide you through the topic of Champagne as a whole.

For us book lovers it is a highly collectable publication, well made and built to last and to take pride of place in one’s wine book library.

It does come in iBook format.

Easy reading being both engaging and educational.


It is a large, heavy publication of 23cm x 30cm dimensions (4cm depth), a hard back with 500 pages – even reading in bed proved a struggle!

Being greedy – Would have enjoyed a wider selection of Champagne houses referenced, especially smaller growers.

It is a costly purchase – £64.45 via Amazon.

No index.


My overall opinion: It’s now in my top three of Champagne books alongside Michael Edwards The Finest Wines of Champagne and Champagne; Pleasure and Shared by Éric Glatre & Angélique de la Chaize. It is not only a beautiful publication, it is highly factual and for Champagne writers / journalists these type of publications are a delight to refer to and quote from so to enhance articles.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.