Book Review: Madame Pommery by Rebecca Rosenberg

5th April 2023

Madame Pommery Rebecca Rosenberg

Madame Pommery,” the mayor shouts. “You are hereby put on notice of serious consequences to your business and your person if you do not vacate Butte Saint-Nicaise immediately.” The councilmen concur with stiff nods and jutting chins. “We’ll return in a week to insure you have left the premises.

I watch their carriage drive toward town. “And what if I don’t?” (page 164)


From the insert above you will understand that Madame Pommery was not simply a story about making good Champagne, Rebecca Rosenberg takes you beyond the barrels and bottles to a hard fought life during the second half of the 19th century.

A most enjoyable and educational read. You both fall in love with and grow admiration for the character of Madame Pommery that Rebecca has portrayed.
The relentless desire for success under her innovative vision with plenty of tragedies both in good times and bad, really draws you back in time to stand alongside Madame Pommery as you flick from page to page. I will never enjoy a glass of Champagne Pommery the same way again, I’ll be toasting Alexandrine (Madame Pommery) each time in the future as a mark of respect to such an inspiring lady.Christopher Walkey

Alongside Champagne Widows, Rebecca Rosenberg takes Champagne enthusiasts on an educational tour in novel format with Madame Pommery – Find out more here:

Christopher Walkey

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